Institutional Research

The OIRA research component produces information, statistics, and study findings for use in planning, assessment, and informed decision-making at institutional and program levels. It serves as the official source for data, statistics, and information about the institution and its programs, and as the source for information/statistics requested by approved external entities. 


The following are responsibilities of OIRA Research:

  • Provision of statistics/information for planning and assessment
  • Production of data resources such as of the institutional fact book and common data set
  • Production of information/statistics for regulatory agencies and external entities
  • Design, administration, and reporting associated with internal surveys
  • Administration of external surveys administered to university students
  • Research to assess impact of strategies and/or effectiveness of programs
  • Promotion of accurate interpretation and use of statistics to guide decision-making 


The following are services provided by OIRA Research:

  • Assistance with strategic planning, program assessment, and research
  • Assistance in development, execution, and analysis of surveys
  • Research to assess the effectiveness of strategies employed
  • Production of information/statistics to facilitate decision-making
  • Provision of data for approved research endeavors


Reported Data

The following are resources that data can be gathered from or are reported to by OIRA: