The Adult Degree Program (ADP) provides learning opportunities tailored for persons other than full-time day traditional students. The mission of the program is to extend the University’s instructional offerings to working people, in times and formats that are convenient for persons with daytime commitments.​

Differing in format and philosophy from conventional programs for traditional college students, each ADP area of study gives adults an opportunity to complete a college degree and to obtain new skills for job advancement. This program is ideal for mature, highly motivated, self-disciplined students who have strong academic backgrounds and desire to expedite baccalaureate completion.

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Your Admissions Officer will be Rakia Naze. You may reach her at (904) 256-7004 or

Your ADP adivsor will be Michelle Green. You may reach her at (904) 256-7460 or

If you will be using military benefits, your benefits counselor will be Mike Mitchell. Y​​ou may reach him at (904) 256-7638,​ or

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