Change it UP!

Innovation in education involves finding better ways of doing something and new ways to look at problems. If we think differently about things, we can create new opportunities for innovative learning. This challenge is to work collaboratively with Academic Technology to change one thing in your Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 class.  Register to attend one of the Kick-off sessions below to learn more about the challenge!  

  “Change is an opportunity to do something amazing”

George Couros


  • Attend one of the kick-off sessions on February 4th or 5th (Register Here)
  • Apply to the Change it UP! Challenge by February 14th
  • Work with the Academic Technology Department during Spring 2020 to design the change in your Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 class.
  • Attend Conversation session (March - date to be determined by availability of participants)
  • Attend Challenge Conclusion (April – date to be determined by availability of participants; participants will share their change)
  • Feedback Session (December – share how the change impacted the course)


  • Change it UP! awardees will be notified on February 17th.
  • Each faculty member will receive $1000 award after the completion of the Change it UP! Challenge. (After completing requirements and sharing in April)