Major & Minor Guide Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Why are there so many different guide sheets?

Each year, some majors undergo changes to their requirements and our guide sheets are updated every year to represent these changes.

How do I know which guide sheet pertains to my major?

To find your guide sheet, download the .pdf file from the year that you started your education at JU.

May I use a guide sheet from a different academic year?

To keep with uniformity, the requirements that were set when you first started your major are the ones that you must meet to earn your degree. If you want to follow different requirements for your major, you must change your catalog year to the one you want to follow. Carefully compare the requirements with your faculty advisor first before changing your catalog year. To change your catalog year, please see the instructions below.

How do I change my major/minor/advisor/catalog year?

You can change your major/minor/advisor by visiting WebAdvisor and filling out the Academic Change Request Form located under Academic Profile.

Guide Sheets

Please select the appropriate guide sheet according to your start date at JU.

Use the guide sheet as a reference for selecting classes. Refer to your Degree Audit in Student Planner to review and monitor degree and graduation requirements.

Please email if you need a major/minor guide sheet from a previous year.


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