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Education Minor



The Education Minor is comprised of a minimum of 15 credit hours with a grade of 'C' or higher in each course. The Education Minor is designed to satisfy certification requirements to teach in public schools in the State of Florida at the middle and secondary school level for Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Foreign Language Music, and Dance. The Education Minor Program of Study (POS) is comprised of the following five (5) classes:


  • EDU 102 Human Development & Learning 3 cr.
  • EDU 457 Mainstreaming and Classroom Management 3 cr.
  • EDU 401 Measurement, Evaluation, & Assessment in Education 3 cr.
  • EDU 486 Reading & Learning Skills in Content Areas for Middle & High School Teachers 3 cr.
  • EDU 432 Effective Instructional Strategies* 3 cr.


*METHOD COURSES- student in the following majors must take a methods course instead of EDU 432. For students looking to teach in grades K-12, the Florida Department of Education requires a K-12 experience.


EDU 485 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language: K-12 (Independent Study through Foreign Lang. Dept.) 4 cr.


MUS 361 or MUS 363 Methods of Teaching Music in the Elementary or Secondary School 3 cr.


DANC 335SI Methods & Strategies Of Teaching Dance 3 cr.