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Organizing Committee

Ges Selmont, J.D., Co-Chair
Dr. Liz Gregg, Co-Chair
Bob Sefcik, EVP-Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program
Jon Fox, Duval County Public Schools
Bo McDougal, Assistant Athletic Director, Jacksonville University
Dr. Stephanie James, Jacksonville University
Dr. Heather Hausenblaus, Jacksonville University
Dr. Gail Maetozo, Jacksonville University
Dr. Chris Robertson, Jacksonville University
Andy Carter, Director of Sports Medicine, Jacksonville University
Melanie Husk, VP Marketing, Baptist Health


The Master's of Sport Management and Leadership class of 2012 has also been involved in planning and organizing this Sport Management and Medicine Conference.

Josh Bailen, EDL '12, Academic Planning Committee, JU Men’s Basketball Graduate Assistant
Rachael Click, EDL '12, Media Planning Committee, JU Softball Graduate Assistant
Eddie Davis, EDL '12, Business Planning Committee                                                                                                                                  Natasha Harvey, EDL '12, Medical Planning Committee, JU Academic Services Graduate Assistant
Erin Higgins, EDL '12, Education Planning Committee                                                                                                                                 Kate Orr, EDL '12, Media Planning Committee, JU Women’s Soccer Graduate Assistant
Earl Owens, EDL '12, Medical Planning Committee, JU Facilities and Operations Graduate Assistant
Jennifer Poth, EDL '12, Business Planning Committee                                                                                                                              Teneshia Ruff, EDL '12, Business Planning Committee, JU Women’s Basketball Graduate Assistant
Marc Salley, EDL '12, Media Planning Committee                                                                                                                                        Brad Showalter, EDL '12, Academic Planning Committee                                                                                                                          Tatiana Soldatova, EDL '12, Business Planning Committee, JU Women’s Tennis Graduate Assistant
Dan Zutell, EDL '12, Education Planning Committee

For more information about the M. Ed. Program and Sport Management and Leadership concentration, please click here.