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Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program

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The Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program (JSMP) is the only program of its kind in the United States. Affiliated with local institutions dedicated to delivering the highest quality care for our youth, JSMP provides many valuable services to the community to improve and maintain the health and well-being of our local student athletes as well as our recreational athletes and weekend warriors.

JSMP, a Non-Profit organization, is administered by a Certified Athletic Trainer who is responsible for coordinating medical resources and educational programs for athletic organizations and area youth. The Executive Director is responsible for presenting and maintaining the standard of sports medicine care for North Florida athletics. This is accomplished by educating our school representatives, the public and our health care providers alike on the importance of injury prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation.

There are committees formed within JSMP that focus on the health and safety of student athletes, and programs designed to offer continuing sports medicine education sessions that stress sports safety and injury prevention. Representatives of JSMP are available to assist schools in the training, continuing education and delivery of sports medicine activities. The primary goal that JSMP is focusing is to report that each high school in Duval County has access to a certified athletic trainer to individually manage the daily health care needs of the student athletes.

When an injury does occur, this triggers a series of events that each level of provider has been prepared. From our dedicated team physicians who maintain a specialty interest in sports medicine, our athletic trainers, first responders and physical therapists we are able to provide total injury management. Athletes are monitored from the time of injury to the return to sports activity. JSMP affiliates provide inpatient services (including surgical intervention) and outpatient services.

In addition, sports injury rehabilitation, with an emphasis on prevention of re-injury, is available through JSMP medical affiliates. Pre-participation athletic screening examinations for all middle school and senior high school athletes, male and female are conducted annually by members of the Duval County Medical Society, coordinated through the Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program.    
Volunteer members of the Duval County Medical Society provide team physician coverage for designated senior high school sports events such as football. At some athletic events, ambulance services and support staff are on standby.
Members of the JSMP speaker’s bureau make presentations, upon request, to coaching staffs, booster clubs, PTO’s and community/civic clubs.


Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program is a membership driven organization. Health care providers including physicians, professionals, Schools, coaches, and parents are all encouraged to become involved. Please contact our office to find out how you can join our membership today.