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Common Reading Program

Common Summer Reading 2011 Choice



Enrique's Journey  traces the odyssey of a 17 year-old Honduran boy’s quest to find his mother.

Armed with only a North Carolina telephone number written on a slip of paper, Enrique sets off on a treacherous trip, huddled atop the Trains of Death.  Covering more than 1,600 miles, through South and Central America and Mexico into the United States, he must avoid bandits, gangs, and rapists.  He is undeterred even after being captured multiple times by immigration officials, beaten by thugs, and sent back to Honduras.  

It will take Enrique seven attempts and eleven years to be reunited with his mother.



As part of the Common Reading Program , you will be receiving a gift from JU, your own copy of Enrique’s Journey  to read, reflect upon, and consider over the summer.  We want you to prepare for your August Welcome Week where discussions will take place all over campus.  Integrating the 2011 theme,"Crossing borders" , these discussions will carry over into the fall semester in your classes, through films, in discussions, and with speakers. 


As a highlight of this year’s Common Reading Program, Jacksonville University proudly presents the Pulitzer Prize- winning author of Enrique’s Journey, Sonia Nazario, to talk about her book on Tuesday, August 30.


Your book will be coming later this summer.  WATCH FOR IT!  You will want to be ready to join

with your new University friends and professors for Welcome Week and classroom discussions throughout your first year of studies. 


Come prepared to be part of the Jacksonville University Community of Learners.


You also are invited to explore the websites below to learn more about Enrique’s Journey.'s_Journey