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22 things I wish I knew as an Incoming Student

 1.       Don’t bring everything you own

2.       Do something

  • Get out of your dorm room! You might find yourself saying “there’s nothing to do at this school.” But you’ll never know what there is to do at JU if you sit in your residence hall the entire time. Check out, go to the club & org fair, sign up for Greek recruitment, or attend an event!

3.       Find the right roommate

  •  Rooming with your best friend from high school isn’t always the best option. Living with someone can either make or break a relationship, so make sure you choose wisely.

4.       Try something new

  •  You're in a brand new setting with lots of opportunities, so make the most of it and try something you've never done before! Join the sailing team, audition for a play, or get involved with the school newspaper. You never know what you might have a passion for unless you get out there and try.

5.       Work on campus

  •  Working on campus can be fun and easy. You meet new people every day and won’t have to waste money on gas getting to work every day.

6.       Check your degree audit/financial aid info

  • Checking your degree audit will help you with which classes you are supposed to be taking and which ones you still need to take
  •  Financial aid info is important. If you’re not up to date on payments you won’t be able to register for classes next semester.

7.       Disconnect your internet when working on a paper or project

  •  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are huge distractions. They can turn a 1 hour project into a 3 hour project.

8.       Learn Time Management

  •  It’s easy to get caught up in school, work, and extracurricular activities. Make a schedule for everything you have to do. It will make life a lot easier. Within that schedule make sure there is time to just chill and watch T.V. or go see a movie.  You’ll always need some alone time. 

9.       Sit up front in class

  •  Sitting up front doesn’t make you a nerd or a geek. It makes you smart. When you sit up front, you’re forced to pay attention to the professor and actually learn something in class.

10.   Ask for help

  • Ask a million questions if you have to, so you know you’re completing the homework correctly, and are prepared for that quiz or test. The more you understand class content, the better you will do overall.
  • There are 100 people willing to help you at JU, but you have to be willing to let them help, and more importantly, ask when you need assistance!

11.   Raise your hand in class

  •  Getting the wrong answer is better than not trying.
  •  Some professors grade on participation. If you do great on tests and homework you might not get that A if you don’t participate in class!

12.   Show up to class

  •  You’ll learn things in class that are not in the readings but might show up on exams.

13.   When Professors say read, do it!

  •  It will more than likely end up on a quiz or be discussed in class.

14.   Go to your Professors office hours

  •  They are there to help. Plus, if they see you putting in the extra effort, they may just bump that 88 up to a 90.

15.   Say NO to Procrastination

  • Procrastinating doesn’t work. There may be a party or football game that seems more important than that project, but it’s always better to finish early. Study now and play later!

16.   Go to the Library

  • The tutors are paid to help you, go see them and really pay attention.
  • The librarians can be an amazing resource.

17.   Get to know Administrators

  •  Someone can help you with a resume or even get you a connection for a future job.
  •  They’re also really good people to go to when you have a problem and just need to talk!

18.   Get enough Sleep

  •  Sleep is important. Do it at night, in your bed, not in class the next morning.

19.   Get a lot of internships fast

  •  The good ones go fast and the more you experience, the better your resume will look.

20.   Pick a major, and career, that you enjoy

  • Your parents' opinions are important, but college is the time to figure out who you are and what you want. In four short years, you'll be the one heading to your 9-5 or studying in grad school. Make sure you're ready to enjoy what you pursue after JU. 

21.   What does DCOB mean?

22.   What does MSRI mean?