Jacksonville University is proud to welcome the addition of our newest facility, the Marine Science Research Institute!

The establishment of the Marine Science Research Institute is located on the banks of the St. John's River; efforts are to preserve and protect Jacksonville’s most significant natural asset. The goal is to provide a premier biological and environmental research and education facility. Since our local waters share concerns and issues with similar ecosystems nationwide, the research work accomplished at the JU MSRI will have national benefits.

As a commemorative project for MSRI supporters, pavers can be purchased for $250 and engraved with up to 3 lines, 14 characters per line. These English Grey Pavers will line the main entrance to the stately new building.

Purchase Your MSRI Paver Today!

Leave your mark on JU and our Marine Science program today! As a supporter of the MSRI Paver Program, you are building on a legacy, as well as showing your Dolphin Pride — permanently! There are a limited number of pavers available, so call soon to ensure your participation in the Paver Program.
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Pavers, which line the main entrance of the MSRI, can be purchased for $250.00 and engraved with up to three lines, 14 characters per line. There are a limited number of pavers available, so call soon to ensure your participation in supporting the Marine Science Research Institute valuable research programs. Contact us at (904) 256-7766 or pkalait@ju.edu.
 Pavers installed 2/22/2011                                                                         YOUR Paver is here!

The concept for establishing the MSRI on the JU campus dates to 1998. It began as collaboration between JU, Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville Marine Charities, the National Park Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Representatives from each organization recognized the need to provide a facility in northeast Florida that could provide students the opportunity to study natural sciences in a field-experiential setting. The newly completed MSRI houses the St. Johns Riverkeeper office, along with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Northeast Florida Fisheries Laboratory, the JU Sailing Program and our exciting new high school marine education program in conjunction with Duval County Public Schools.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 904.256.7766 or by e-mail at pkalait@ju.edu.

We look forward to speaking with you!