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How often can I change my benefits?
Enrollment in medical, dental,vision and FSA accounts pertain to the calendar year.  Each year in the fall,  Open Enrollment is provided for the following calendar year.  Otherwise changes in level of coverage may be made in the event of life changes that affect the availability of previous coverage.  For example:  Adoption, birth, death, divorce, employment changes with spouse (new job / termination of job), open enrollment at employer of spouse.
What if I lose my medical card?
Request replacement cards by emailing your Human Resources Representative:, or and copy It could take up to two weeks. 
What if I lose my medical card and I have to see a doctor before the new card is issued?
Your doctor’s office will need information to verify your insurance coverage. The following is a listing of what information would be needed
Carrier Name: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
Member Number: Your Social Security Number
JU’s Group Number: 91251
You may request a temporary card by emailing your Human Resources Representative:, or and copy  Please provide information as to the date of your appointment and scan / fax information of physician's office, if applicable.  We can scan / fax the temporary cards to you or to the office of your physician.
How do I calculate my vacation time?
Your annual vacation allowance is based on your length of service from the date of full time employment.  During the introductory period (first 90 days of employment or any extension thereof), employees may not draw upon vacation time.  Upon the successful completion of the introductory period, the granted vacation time will be released to the current year's vacation account. 
For instance, if your date of hire was June 1st, in October you would have the following vacation available to use through December.  (7 months x .833 days = 5.83 vacation days or 45.19 hours)
On January 1 you will be updated with 10 days to use for the calendar year (January – December).
If your date of hire is January 1 then you would accrue the following vacation time for use until the beginning of the new fiscal year (January – June).  (6 months x 1.666 days = 9.996; 10 days or 77.47 hours)
On July 1 you will be updated with 20 days to use for the next 12 months (July to June).
With the written permission of your supervisor, unused vacation time can be rolled over for a period of 90-days.
For details and additional information regarding the policies governing vacation time, please refer to the Employee Handbook.
I moved. What do I need to fill out?
Please change your address and telephone number in Once our system is updated, a prompt will be sent to update benefit vendors.  
I want to apply for another job on campus. What do I do?
You would need to fill out a “Request for Transfer” form. You can find a copy on the HR website, under “Forms”, or you can pick up a form from our office. You also need to bring us a copy of your resume with a cover letter. We will then submit your paperwork to the hiring manager for consideration.
What do I need to do if I am planning on terminating my employment at the University?
Provide a written letter of resignation to your supervisor / manager giving a minimum of two weeks notice.  He / she will submit it to Human Resources along with an H.R. Action Form. Human Resources will then contact you.