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Division of Humanities


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 At JU, Humanities is all about making connections. Students learn how they, as individuals, connect with their own culture as well as other cultural traditions. JU offers a multidisciplinary program in humanities with a broad range of courses in humanities, fine arts, literature, history, language, science, philosophy and reli​​gion. Students develop critical thinking skills as they examine the aesthetic, intellectual, religious, social, and political worlds we live in, with relation to different times, places, and people.


Humanities professors at JU know how to connect with students, too. In small class settings, students are encouraged to explore, question, and analyze. Service-learning, internships, and study abroad opportunities also connect students to real-world experiences and provide invaluable lessons for life.

  • The Humanities major provides the basis of a strong liberal arts education, the optimum for success in a number of fields ranging from law, education, journalism,  medicine and the corporate realm.
  • All Humanities courses meet the requirements of the Core Curriculum. Note:  ENGL 103 and 203 are prerequisites for all HUM-prefix courses.
  • Study Abroad and domestic travel-based courses are offered in the summer terms.  Past offerings have involved travel-based study in locations such as England, Italy & Greece, Austria & Germany, and New York City.
  • A Humanities service-learning course is offered on a rotating basis.
  • Check our major and minor requirements here

 Contacts      For additional information, call or e-mail us:

Dr. Carole C. Barnett (Professor of Humanities)

Office: Council 115

Phone: 256-7382


Dr. Joana Owens (Associate Professor of Humanities) 

Office: Council 129

Phone: 256-7942