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Room & Board

Academic Year 2016-2017

The typical cost for a resident student enrolled for 12 to 18 credit hours for the semester, residing in North Hall with a 5-meal board plan is $22,540.

Residence Halls, per Semester

North Hall
First-Year Students
Village Apartments$4,055
Oak Hall$3,845

Board, per Semester

Meal Swipes may only be used at the Riverview Cafe.

Flex $ can be used to purchase any item in all food service locations.

Supplemental Plans can be purchased in addition to traditional plans or separately by commuter students.

All Access + $500 Flex$2,200
Apartment Meal Plans
35 Meals/Semester + $400 Flex/Semester$750
75 Meals/Semester + $450 Flex/Semester$1,175
125 Meals/Semester + $375 Flex/Semester$1,575
Supplemental Plans
$300 Flex/Semester$270
$150 Flex/Semester$135

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance (per academic year) $1863


Updated 06/05/15