The Division of Finance and Administration provides all business services as well as the administration of all facility related maintenance to the campus community. These services range from student billing and collection to budget development, execution, reporting, and, monitoring of all financial transactions. Additionally the division provides all human resources functions as well as procurement and contract execution.


The goal of the division of Finance and Administration is to provide quality services to the campus community (Students, Faculty, Staff, Board of Trustees, and Donors) while compliant with all regulatory entities including but not limited to federal, state or local government and associated agencies.  The efficient services provided include the following offices:

Controller, Human Resources, Purchasing, Budgets & Business Operations, Facilities Coordinator, Facilities Management (Sodexo​), and Institutional Research.      ​

 Contact the office: 904.256.7024

George C. Scaduto, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Budget Office
Ellen M. Paige, Director of Budgets and Administration

Controller's Office
Liza Mullins

Mike Bobbin, Director of Purchasing

Human Resources
James Williams, Director of Human Resources

Physical Plant 

Facilities Coordinator

Debbie Guy, Campus Facilities Coordinator

 Institutional Research
Logan Cross
Policies and Procedures 2013.pdfPolicies and Procedures 2013.pdf