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As a first-year student you have the exciting opportunity to explore your interests and discover how different majors relate to the real world. Two or three courses are “linked together” to create an interactive learning experience.  Assignments and learning are coordinated with case studies, inquiry, and real-life applications.  You get to use the knowledge in your discipline to explore the theme. FIN courses also satisfy your JU Core requirements. We also strongly suggest that you enroll in JU 102: The Freshman Experience.  In JU 102 you will learn about the University and how to reach maximum success as you and other first year students study, learn, explore and socialize together!

PLEASE NOTE:  You must sign up for all courses in each FIN section.   

Check out the Fall 2014 FIN offerings below:

Out of This World (7 Credits):                                
CS 150-FIN 03: Personal Productivity Using Technology
MWF 11:00am -11:50am
3 Credits
PHYS 104-FIN 03: Astronomy
MWF 10:00am – 10:50am
3 Credits
PHYS 116-FIN 03:  Astronomy Lab
M 1:00pm - 3:50pm
1 Credit
Taught by Professors Xenia Mountrouidou and Terry Ellis
Design an extra-terrestrial colony.  Where in the solar system
might it be possible or desirable to build a manned colony?                                 
What logistics would be necessary to maintain human life and
to make the colony self-sustaining?  What have we done so far?                            
What problems have we encountered and how should those
problems need to be addressed?  Would an orbiting space station
 be better?  Explore these ideas and more in an astronomy course
 paired with a course on technology.              

Newton Prime (8 Credits):     
Section 1          
PHYS 150-FIN 01: General Physics: waves, optics & modern physicsNewton Prime.jpg
TR 9:30am – 10:45am  Lecture
F 2:00pm - 4:50pm  Lab
4 Credits
MATH 140-FIN 01: Calculus I
MWF 1:00pm – 1:50pm  Lecture
T 11:00am - 12:15 pm  Lab 
4 Credits

Section 2
PHYS 150-FIN 05: General Physics: waves, optics & modern physics
TR 9:30am – 10:45am  Lecture
TR 1:30pm - 4:15pm  Lab

4 Credits

MATH 140-FIN 05: Calculus I
MWF 1:00pm – 1:50pm Lecture
T 11:00am - 12:15 pm Lab
4 Credits

Taught by Professors Brian Lane and Anna Little

Centuries ago, mathematics and science were studied together
(almost as a single subject) by the same scholars. Scientific
breakthroughs were made possible by advances in mathematics,
and new mathematical fields were created to investigate physical behaviors.
One significant example of such work can be found in the life
of Sir Isaac Newton, a pioneer of both Calculus and Physics.
This linked course explores the connections between these
two fields that have resulted from Newton’s work, seeking to
 make its students into modern-day derivatives of Newton.
(That’s a joke you’ll understand by the end of the course…)
What do FIN Professors say?
  • "This program builds friendships and connections between the individual and the people around them with opportunities the average college student is not given."
     ~ Dr. H. Pordeli
  • "I see and hear students in the hall talking about not only their assignments from our linked courses but planning recreational activities."
     ~ Dr. Barbara Doyle
  • "The students definitely know each other, as evidenced by all the conversations happening in the hallway and classroom before class begins."
     ~ Dr. Pam Crawford
What do FIN students say?
  • "We learn more because all professors are on the same page…"
  • "We learn more because professors work together…"
  • "Students become very close and working together becomes easier…"
  • "In my FIN class I have a group of friends while my roommate is still meeting people..."
  • "I love the FIN class.  It’s great that the professors collaborate…"