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Important Documents

Below are links to important documents regarding the Engineering Dual Degree (EDD) Program. 

Navigating the Engineering Dual Degree Program This pdf contains information about successfully completing the EDD Program, including a timeline, a list of our Affiliate Institutions (AIs), and tables of course requirements.
EDD Autoscheduler This Excel workbook can be used to automatically generate the foundation for a recommended schedule for completing the JU course requirements for the EDD Program. Please read the Instructions tab first.​
​AI Database ​This Excel workbook contains information about our AIs, including contact information, transfer admissions requirements, helpful URLs, majors offered, and application deadlines.
JU-to-Columbia Curriculum Guide ​This pdf contains a course-by-course comparison of the prerequisite courses required of EDD students for each major at Columbia University and the equivalent courses at JU.
​GPA Calculator ​Many of our AIs' admissions requirements include both a cumulative GPA (of all courses) and a Science, Math, and Engineering GPA (of all BIOL, CHEM, CS, EE, MATH, ME, and PHYS courses). Paste your transcript from WebAdvisor into this spreadsheet to automatically calculate both your cumulative GPA and Science, Math and Engineering GPA.