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Audio Samples from Dolphinium Records Compilation, 2008


  • Alison Ritter "Being You" (A. Ritter), R&B
  • Kristin Kusic "Writing a Love Song" (K. Kusic), adult contemporary
  • Matthew Weldon "Tomorrow is Coming" (M. Weldon), adult contemporary
  • Savannah Jane "Dance" (S. Redmond), alternative
  • Old Dominion "Lost in Translation" (J. Wilkerson, ASCAP), hard rock
  • Crystal Blanche "Keys" (T. Harrison) Cheeky Chappy Music (ASCAP), adult alternative
  • The Spring Equinox "Blue Skies Turn to Gray" (T. Harrison, G. Wilkins, K. Ferguson) Cheeky Chappy Music (ASCAP) heavy metal
  • Kristin Kusic "Summer Time"(A. Karson) Alphie Records (ASCAP), pop
  • Ferris "Blue Sky Day" (H. Ferris), adult contemporary
  • Black Label Investigator "Prisoner" (J. Slack, K. Crockett, W. Arvin), hard rock
  • Stephen Krain "Follow You" (G. Boccieri) Bocci's Music (ASCAP), adult alternative
  • In Loving Memory "Redemption" (T. Hodges, E. Nolan, D. Castillo, A. Ratliff, J. Holloway), heavy metal