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The second edition of the DCOB Business Report was sent out last week. A PDF is attached.

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7/14/2014 12:00 PM

Daniel Pruitt ’14 will become the first Jacksonville University MBA student to attend a semester abroad during his graduate program this fall. The aviation operations major will travel to The European Business School (EBS) Business School in Frankfurt, Germany where he will join fellow classmate, Steven Paduchak.  Paduchak will be completing his senior year starting this fall.

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad, but never thought it was possible with all of the courses I needed to take,” commented Pruitt.

This experience is indicative of an overall focus on a globalized business education. A new initiative is being created for an International MBA program with international partners around the globe for JU MBA students. The Davis College of Business has begun partnering with institutions around the globe with Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation or those completing the accreditation process.

“The focus is to allow JU students to become more competitive in a global business environment,” elaborated Dr. Don Capener, Dean of the Davis College of Business. “Students who understand how business is done in different parts of the world will make them more competitive while starting or advancing their career.”

This initiative will allow JU and international students to study in the United States and the cooperating institution during the completion of a two year program. This will involve students from both universities participating in a cohort which will require students to study at each institution in alternating semesters.

Pruitt, the Miami Springs, FL native is an avid BBC fan and hopes to discover the differences between European and American culture while in Germany. “I am going for the experience first and foremost,” Pruitt added. “Being the first Grad Student at JU to study abroad for a semester is pretty cool.”

Pruitt.jpgPruitt will become the first person in his family to attain a graduate degree when he begins JU’s MBA program this fall. He understands the value that an MBA program would mean for his career in aviation. At this point, Pruitt would like to be a pilot and potentially work in aviation administration moving forward. “Continuing my education will make me more marketable and I feel that an MBA is an invaluable degree which will assist in my future job search,” Pruitt stated.

A transfer from the University of North Florida following his freshman year, Pruitt found a “friendly” atmosphere, where “everyone knew each other” at JU. That and the aviation program led his pursuance of his undergraduate degree as a JU Dolphin. A private pilots’ license holder at the time, Pruitt attributes a mailing regarding the Davis Aviation Center as a turning point in his life.

“I never realized that JU had an aviation program, but when I looked into it, I felt it was a great move for me,” indicated Pruitt. As a Part 141 aviation program, he and other JU aviation students are not required to complete a certain number of flight hours with a more structured training program.

Currently, Pruitt is finishing up his Certified Flight Instructors License this summer as a part of finishing up his bachelor degree. Also, he will have an instrument flight instructor license by the end of the summer. “I enjoy teaching others how to fly,” Pruitt elaborated. “The moment when a light clicks on in their head and you know they understand what you are trying to teach them, that is the most rewarding moment.” Pruitt hopes to continue as a certified flight instructor in the future.

A member of Alpha Eta Rho, a college aviation fraternity at JU, Pruitt and others recently invited high school students to the Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine to instruct them on aviation. Showing different parts of the plane, Pruitt felt like this was a great way to connect with the community.

“Overall it has been an amazing experience at JU, I could never imagine that I would be able to fly for a living and then also pursue my graduate degree at the same university,” explained Pruitt.

7/8/2014 9:00 AM

Congratulations to the following Davis College of Business students for achieving the Dean's list for the Spring 2014 semester!


Theresa Acevedo
Mya Adjamah
Jennae Allen
Derek Andrake
Juan Arguedas
Kristopher Bacon
Kelly Baisey
Gabriela Bartos
Henry Bash IV
Kaitlyn Bassett
Stormie Baylor
April Beck
Macy Bedingfield
Nicholas Benton
Victoria Brown
Jack Burns
Sean Carney
Christopher Cartwright
Scharrad Cartwright
Dylan Cheatham
Kree Clark
Devon Crummer
Christopher Crutchfield
Jordan Cummings
Austin Curtis
Jillian Damico
Ryan Danek
Justin Dean
Michael DePeder
Jordan Dewhirst
Seth Dewitt
Deneen Dice
Maycee Dioneda
Nathan Disch
Cecelia Donnelly
Faith Doski
Robert Dougherty
Karolina Dzieniszewski
Timothy Easterling
Louis Fields
Maria Figuerado
William Flor
Marcus Foster
Patrick Garvin
Carlie Gehlhausen
Chiara Gillio
Rodney Gornoski
Allie Gray
Michelle Hanes
Ellis Harr
Stephany Heng
Sean Hensley
Christian Hernandez
Derick Hernandez
Sally Holbert
Joshua Holt
Katrina Jackson
Kayla Kelley
Jordan King
Michael Klein
Alena Knox
Michael Korona
Jonah Kozlowski
Emily Laskelle
Sable Lee
Christopher Lehane
Shuyu Li
Ivo Lima
Jordan Linder
Christopher Manis
Christopher Masters
Brett McKinnon
Ciara McLee
Hanna McMahon
Doris Meade
Carlos Merced
Joseph Merritt
Sean Meyer
Jared Mickler
Raymond Moody
Zachary Norton
Liam O'Connor
Maria Pfab
Mayara Prestes
Ryan Quintero
Eric Rattler
Kyle Rebman
Kevin Reiter
Pratt Rexford
Mark Reynolds
Nathaniel Ricci
Alexis Richens
Dylan Riddle
Alexandra Roberson-Dudley
Paul Rollins
Valentin Romero
Prem Samritpricha
Michael Scheuble
Alexander Seifert
Victoria Seitz
Joseph Shapiro
Jenna Spangler
Christopher Spurling
Christian Stagg
Jeffrey Stallmeyer
Andrew Stebbins
Laura Stevenson
Lisa Stover
Amanda Suter
Taylor Swartz
Toi Tanner
Morrissa Taylor
Keith Taylor Jr.
Alex Toupin
Khea Trevena
Samantha Turner
Kritika Vincent
Sidharth Vora
Scott Waitley
Brandi Walker
Matthew Walker
Jacey Warner
Zachary Whiting
Isaiah Williams
Shane Wise
Jose Zelaya
Kuaisheng Zhao


6/16/2014 12:00 PM