Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University

Faculty & Research

Dr. Gordon Arbogast

AACSBAACSB Accreditation

Department Chair of DSIM and Management and Professor of Management

Dr. Gordon Arbogast is a Professor of Management and former Department Chair of DSIM and Management at Jacksonville University. A veteran of the United States army, Arbogast served in many aspects including teaching, research, engineering and communications. He is a leader and teacher with a philosophy of setting realistic goals, communicating effectively with students and teams, motivating people to obtain their best possible output, and closely monitoring  progress.  He is married to wife Dorothy and has three children, Annette, Christina and Valentine.
Executive Education - Information Technology - Harvard University
Ph.D. - Industrial Management - Clemson University
M.S. - Industrial Management & Electrical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. - Engineering  - U.S. Military Academy
Academic Experience
Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Programs, 2005-2010
Professor of Management (Tenured), Jacksonville University, 1994-present
Permanent Associate Professor and Head, Department of Engineering, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY, 1986-1989
Adjunct Professor of Management, Universities of Virginia and Maryland 1979-1983
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Department of Elect. Engineering, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY, 1970-1973
Professional Experience
Pacific Bell - Vice President, Systems Technology
CONTEL Corp - Principal Scientist & Director, Contel Technology Center R & D
Defense Communications Agency (DCA) - Associate Director of Engineering, Technology & Corporate Planning
Recent Scholarship & Research
Arbogast and Button, “The Impact of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) on US Auto Makers”,  Presentation and Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems, Cocoa Beach, Fl, March 2013. (Presentation and Proceedings, Contribution to Practice)
Arbogast and Mirabella, “Predicting Firm Performance as a Function of CEO and Economic Factors”,  Business Review Cambridge, December 2013. (Peer-reviewed/Refereed Journal Article and Presentation, Contribution to Practice).

Bateh, Heaton, Arbogast and Broadbent, “Defining Sustainability in the Business Setting”, American Journal of Business Education, 6(3), 397-400,  (Peer-reviewed/refereed Journal Article and Presentation, Contribution to Practice).