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Executives & Corporations

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Much of what we do in the Davis College of Business would be impossible without the close collaboration and partnering with individuals and organizations in the greater Jacksonville community. Indeed, these relationships are so strong and active that AACSB International, our accrediting body, just recognized this as a "best practice" for us to share with other schools around the world.

What does collaborating and partnering with Davis mean? At its simplest, it means that you recognize that there is mutual value to be realized by engaging with each other. Our fundamental belief is that a sustainable relationship is one in which you and we help each other grow and accomplish mutual goals. In practice, collaboration and partnering takes many forms:

  • Attending Davis and JU programs and events - building awareness and aligned thinking about key issues
  • Supporting employees in obtaining professional development and degrees, then making the best of their new knowledge and skills in your organization
  • Hiring our graduates to build your knowledge capital and skills
  • Providing financial and executive support for programs, even helping govern the college through its advisory committees
  • Drawing upon the considerable expertise of our faculty and centers to address issues and challenges within your organization
  • Collaborating in the creative design and delivery of part or all of a new program for the larger community, such as Mayo Clinic and Florida Coastal School of Law are doing

All of these forms of collaboration and partnering can be found right now in Davis. As JU's popular 2009 media campaign noted, "JU is Jacksonville's University." Our alumni hold many of the C-suite positions or own many of this region’s most successful companies, and our EMBA program is the oldest in Florida and one of the oldest in the US. Join with us in any of the above ways. You will find us energetic, competent, and reliable - the critical measures of a great, lasting relationship.​