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International Business

Banking in London. Manufacturing in Mexico. Logistics in Asia. Entrepreneurship in Central Europe. With a degree in international business, the possibilities are endless. Jacksonville University’s international business program brings together a solid foundation in business skills, a global perspective, and a language specialization. Armed with this degree, you’ll find (literally!) a world of options for your future.
This major builds on the basic business curriculum by adding global perspectives in economics, finance, marketing, government and politics. In each course, JU faculty bring their own international experiences in teaching, working and studying to life in the classroom. International business majors also take language courses, and have the option of studying abroad for a semester or more. Several students have worked with faculty on independent research projects. As an international business major, you can customize the program to fit your geographic area of interest.
It is strongly recommended that students majoring in international business also major in marketing or economics or finance, or that they minor in one or more of these areas.

Career Opportunities:

The international business program at JU provides the basic foundations for entry-level business positions around the globe. Students to expand their education and skills, receive exposure to real-life experiences, and enhance their career opportunities. Our students work in organizations with domestic and international offices to get a broad based perspective on business. 


Major Requirements

Students majoring in international business must complete the University and the Davis College of Business Core Curriculum requirements. In addition, they must take the following courses:

Courses Course Credit
BUS/INB 420 Global Business 3
ECON/INB 307 Comparative Economic Development 3
ECON/INB 410 The Economics of Globalization 3
FIN/INB 415 International Finance 3
IS xxx Any IS course* 3
MKG/INT 341 International Marketing 3

POL 208 International Politics

XXX xxx Business Elective^



Proficiency in any foreign language at a minimum college level (i.e. 102 college level) or standard tests. (Excludes American Sign Language)  


*IS xxx satisfies University Core requirement

^The one (1) business elective must be at the 300 level or higher outside the Davis College of Business core and major requirements.