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Executive MBA

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Executive MBA Curriculum

The Executive MBA program is an 18-month/ five semester program consisting of 46 credit hours.  Additional details about the Executive MBA Program are available from the Graduate Business Programs Office located in the Davis College of Business, room 209. To request information, contact (904) 256-7426 or  MBA@ju.edu.​

Course Codes        ​ ​Course Titles Course Credit
AC​CT 515​ Assessing Financial Performance 3
ACCT 516​ Managerial Accounting for Professionals                                                2
​​DSIM 525 Statistics for Decision Making
​​DSIM 526 Competing through Information Technology 2
​​DSIM 527 Building Business Models
​DSIM 528​ Optimizing Operations 2
​ECON 535​ Economics for Executive Decisions 3
​FIN 545​ Optimizing Corporate Finance 3
​FIN 546 Executive Incentives & Financial Planning 2
​​INB 556 Competing in the Global Marketplace 2
​MGT 567​ Leadership for Organizations 3
​​MGT 571 Executive Communications 2
​​MGT 572 ​Legal, Regulatory & Ethical Business Environment 2​
​MGT 577 ​Governing the Corporation ​2
​​MGT 578 ​Managing Corporate Innovation ​2
​MGT 579 ​Leading Strategic Change ​2
​MGT 580 ​Holistic Leadership & Sustainable Performance ​1
​MGT 585 ​Global Corporate Strategy and Policy ​2
​MGT 586 ​Global Corporate Strategy and Research ​2
​​MKG 595 ​Competitive Marketing Strategy ​3
​ Total: 46

Executive MBA in Leadership Development

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Leadership Development is an intensive, 18-month program specifically designed for rising and mid-career executives, both in context and convenience. Candidates for this program are at a point in their careers where they need to develop themselves professionally more fully in order to reach their maximum potential in the corporate world. The course work combines both practical business knowledge with real-world relevance, allowing students opportunities to apply concepts and skills immediately within their organizations. The program is formatted for full-time study without career interruption. Students are admitted to a cohort class once each year and remain with that class throughout the entire program.

The curriculum is taught in a team-oriented environment where courses are integrated across the 18 months to emphasize broader strategic management and leadership skills. Students move through the program in a lock-step fashion.

The program uses a variety of instructional techniques and learning experiences to develop the intellect, enrich the character, and shape the individual as a leader. At the beginning of the program, each student is assigned a study group that remains intact throughout the duration of the program. Through a study group approach, students explore concepts as teams, learn in the classroom, and expand the learning into action in the forms of research, projects, case studies, and consulting responsibilities.


Upon acceptance into the program, a nonrefundable $1,500 deposit is required. The deposit is applied toward tuition for the first semester of the program.

  • Executive MBA Program Tuition (18-months) - $10,200 (for 5 semesters)
  • Includes books, international trip, software, fees and meals while on campus.

Degree Requirements

The program must be completed with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (“B”). No course in which a grade below a “C” (2.0) is earned will be accepted as fulfilling a requirement for the graduate degree, although such grades will be used in GPA calculation. Executive MBA students who maintain the scholastic standards of the Davis College of Business and who satisfy the 46-hour curriculum are awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration at the University’s spring commencement ceremony.

Academic Standing

An Executive MBA candidate will be placed on probation at the conclusion of any semester in which the student’s grade-point average is less than 3.0. The student has one semester to raise the average to 3.0. A graduate student is dismissed from the program if the student does not raise the grade point average to 3.0 within one semester of being placed on academic probation. A student who receives one grade of “F” will be dismissed from the program. Courses in the Executive MBA Program may not be repeated for credit.

Students dismissed from the Executive MBA Program have 30 days to appeal the action to the Graduate Committee. The Committee will review the appeal and make a recommendation to the Dean who will rule on the appeal.

Grade Appeal Process

The Executive MBA program follows the Jacksonville University established procedure and appeals process for grade and academic dishonesty appeals.

Additional Information

Additional Information about the Executive MBA Program can be obtained from Graduate Business Programs Office at 904-256-7426 or Amurphy8@ju.edu​