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Doctor of Business Administration

AACSBAACSB Accreditation
 Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Curriculum

Additional details about the DBA Program are available from the Graduate Business Programs Office located in the Davis College of Business, room 209. To request information, contact (904) 256-7188 or  dba@ju.edu.

DBA Courses

​Course Codes        ​ Course Titles Course Credit
​ACCT 760 Advanced Managerial Accounting
​DSIM 710 Advanced Statistics and Applications
​DSIM 725 ​Quantitative Methods for Executive Decision Making ​3
​DSIM 740 ​Business Analytics & Technological Tools ​3
​DSIM 755 ​Advanced Research Methods I ​3
​DSIM 775 ​Advanced Research Methods II ​4
​ECON 770 ​Applied Econometrics  ​3
​FIN 750 ​Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions, and Valuations ​3
​INB 700 ​Corporate and Global Strategy ​3
​INB 745 ​Global Business in the Transitional Market Place ​3
​INB 765 ​Marketing with a Global Mindset ​3
​MGT 705 ​Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership ​3
​MGT 715 ​Organizational Development, Transformation and Change ​3
​MGT 720 ​Advanced Negotiations and Communications ​3
​MGT 730 ​DBA Colloquium I ​1
​MGT 735 ​Contemporary Business Ethics ​3
​MGT 780 ​DBA Colloquium II ​1
​XXX 785 ​Dissertation I / Applied Research I (ACCT, ECON, DSIM, FIN, INB, MGT or MKG) ​6
​XXX 790 Dissertation II / Applied Research II​ (ACCT, ECON, DSIM, FIN, INB, MGT or MKG) ​6
​DBA 795 ​Dissertation Extension (1 Credit hour if needed)
​ Total: 60

First DBA Cohort Starts Fall 2014!​

Fully accredited​ by SACSCOC​ and AACSB.  For more information about the JU DBA, email dba@ju.edu​.​