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Current Students

Current Students

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Your future is ours too

Our purpose in this college and at JU is to make sure you get what you need to fulfill our vision, and we take that Vision Statement very seriously. Read the Vision/Mission statement thoughtfully because it sets the learning goals and objectives for every major and course within the college. We also take our Pride Statement seriously, and you have either already or will soon be asked to read it and make a pledge to stand by its core beliefs.

We do have an important additional request - get to know and get involved in your business school! There are faculty and staff in the Davis College of Business who want to know you as a person and understand what you want to accomplish. They are your teachers, but they also make great mentors and coaches who take the time for you. They're pretty neat people with great backgrounds, experiences, and interests themselves! Your fellow students are team mates and individuals with their own backgrounds and interests, and potentially your friends for life. Helping them succeed only helps assure your own success.

Spend time each day getting informed about what is happening in your college. There are always speakers and events happening. Some of us would admit that half of your education at JU occurs outside, not just inside, the classroom. Whether it's a student organization or special opportunity to work with a faculty member on a project, learning occurs everywhere in Davis and at JU. Read the flyers and plasma screen in the lobby - lots of important information is presented each day and it is up to you to stay current with it.

Finally, get out and get involved in this community. Jacksonville is a great city with lots to offer, whether a part time job, internship, or company visit. There are many community service and volunteer projects and events happening all the time. JU students are known for being actively engaged in our community. Keep that tradition alive.​