Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University

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AACSBAACSB Accreditation

The JU and Davis College internship program is designed to provide junior and senior students practical experience in areas related to their major fields of study. Since the internship involves the awarding of academic credit, this experience is expected to:

  • Require the student to apply the concepts, theories or practices learned in the classroom and to test the application of these ideas in actual situations encountered in the nonacademic setting
  • Expand the knowledge base of the student through challenging assignments. While it is expected that the student intern will be asked to perform some routine duties, this cannot be the primary function of the internship. The student pays regular academic fees for hours of academic credit earned during an internship. The amount of knowledge gleaned from the internship is expected to approximate that provided in a classroom setting. This becomes a value judgment as experiential learning is compared to classroom learning, but it is a critical factor in evaluating an internship
  • Expose the student to the wealth of actual behaviors, situations, and incidents that occur in an organizational setting and cannot be taught in the classroom. Often this is part of the socialization process that occurs when an individual joins an organization, even if only on a part-time basis
  • Provide a valuable interface between the sponsoring organization and the University. Students selected to participate in internship programs become representatives of the student body to the community just as the faculty members, acting as internship academic advisors, represent the faculty and administration of the University. This responsibility can be one of the most valuable assets to the program. It provides the community with a firsthand evaluation of the fine quality students and faculty at Jacksonville University.

For more information, please contact the Career Development Center at careers@ju.edu or 904.256.7054.​