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Academic Programs

Academic Programs

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Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate.jpgWe're the perfect place to start your business career, with many choices and faculty who care about you.

​MBA Programs

MBAPrograms.jpg Develop your leadership skills and the deep business expertise you need to advance your career. 

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Prospective students often have difficulty knowing the true differences between business programs. The marketing brochures and words simply can’t communicate what the student experienc​e is all about in a school. You need to be here to best understand what makes us special. Here are some of the features we value and you need to recognize:

  • YOU are the center of the learning experience. Not us. You. Faculty and staff are here in the Davis College of Business because they want to know you, what you want to accomplish, and help in making that happen. All of us know that the one thing that unites us is our love of teaching and learning through relationships with students. Faculty are talented, highly educated professionals who love bringing out the best in students.
  • Developing you as a leader. There is a growing shortage of talented leaders in the world and yet few business schools invest deeply in developing students as leaders for this world. We do. It just isn’t about a leadership course or two. The competencies and skills required of leaders are embedded across programs and experiences in the Davis College of Business. Leadership development is central to our Vision and Mission, and we work at it continuously and thoughtfully.
  • Learning through doing. A good portion of what you will learn will not come from books. It will come from the learning experiences we create for you inside and outside the classroom, for credit and otherwise. Whether team simulations, group projects, field trips to companies, semester study abroad, student organizations, internships, or professional mentoring with senior professionals, those experiences offer opportunities for personal growth. It is an exceedingly intense and active education.
  • Relationships with faculty. Our smaller size not only means smaller class sizes, but the opportunity to get to know faculty and develop learning relationships impossible at larger schools. Many students work with faculty on research projects, some even helping write and present work with faculty at professional meetings, even publish it. Not uncommon at all, really. Graduates may leave JU and Davis, but they will always remember the one or two, even three or four, faculty who made a big difference in their lives. They stay in touch.
  • Cutting-edge knowledge kept current. The myth is that only large research schools create advanced knowledge. Absolutely not true. Davis College of Business faculty are notable because so many have started or led businesses, consult to top companies, and publish award-winning scholarship. They have real world experience and create cutting edge knowledge that shows in their classrooms. We continuously examine our programs to make sure what we are teaching is as current as the issues you read about in today’s newspaper. We encourage you to compare our programs with those of any top ranked business program. Seriously.

These are just some of the common elements across our undergraduate and graduate programs and they really do make a difference…the Davis College of Business difference.​