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The marketing major at Jacksonville University is all about preparing you to make marketing decisions. How much should a product cost? Who is your target audience? How should you advertise the product? Answer these questions, and more, with your professor and classmates in a marketing program focused on applied theory and strategies. You might even find yourself in the Behavioral Lab in JU’s Davis College of Business building. Observe a focus group from behind mirrored glass, and learn what they really think about your idea or product! 
 The lab is just one example of how the business college’s facility and applied focus inspire exciting learning opportunities for JU students. Through assignments and class projects, you’ll have an opportunity to test your knowledge and practice your marketing skills. You’ll develop analytical skills, plus learn about ethics, business communication and leadership as part of the core business curriculum. A marketing degree from JU is great preparation for careers in marketing, sales, advertising, public relations and more.
The courses in this major are designed to provide students with an understanding of professional practices and techniques applied in the major areas of marketing management.
The marketing major is intended to prepare students for entry-level positions in advertising, brand management, marketing research, retail management, and professional sales. Through careful planning, a student who elects a major in marketing may add a second major from a complementary area such as economics, management, international business, psychology, or other fields of interest.
Major Requirements
Students majoring in marketing must take the Davis College of Business (DCOB) core courses in addition to the following courses:
Code Course Credit:          
MKG 331 Advertising Management                               3
MKG 333 Sales and Customer Relationship              3
MKG 438 Marketing Strategy                                           3
MKG xxx Two (2) additional MKG courses
chosen from: MKG 334, 336, 341 and 435                   6                                                                                      
                                                                        TOTAL:       15
One (1) 3-credit business elective course
numbered 300 or above from outside the College
Business core and major requirements.                          3
                                                                        TOTAL:       3
Additional Requirements
A minor in marketing requires that the student take MKG 301: Principles of Marketing, and nine (9) credit hours of additional marketing courses chosen with the written approval of a marketing faculty member. Courses chosen for the marketing minor must be made from the following marketing courses:

                MKG 331 Advertising Management                               3
                MKG 333 Sales and Customer Relationship Mgt       3             
                MKG 334 Retail Management                                         3
                MKG 336 Consumer Behavior                                        3
                MKG/INB 341 International Marketing                            3
                MKG 435 Marketing Research Methods                        3
                MKG 438 Marketing Strategy                                            3
* Marketing Minor: MKG 301 plus Nine (9) Credits from MKG courses listed above for a total of twelve (12) MKG credits.
DCOB Core Requirements
These courses are to be taken during the freshman and sophomore year:
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I 5
ACCT 202 Principles of Accounting II 5
MGT 308 Business Communications WI/SI 5
MGT 321 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 1, 2, 5
DSIM 203 Applied Business & Econ Analysis 5
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics 5
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics 5
MATH 112 Modern App of Mathematics 4, 5
These courses should be taken only when student has attained junior status:
DSIM 301 Business Statistics
DSIM 305 Quantitative Business Methods
FIN 301 Corporate Finance 1
INB 303 Competing in the Global Environment
MGT 310 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
MGT 320 Leadership
DSIM 370 Management of Information Tech 1,3
MKG 301 Principles of Marketing 
These courses should be taken only when student has attained senior status:
DSIM 350 Project & Operations Management 1
MGT 432  Business Strategy Venture Dev 1   
1. Except  AVO majors
2. Except  AVM  majors
3. Accounting majors take ACCT 370 instead of
   DSIM 370.
4. MATH 112 or any higher-level mathematics (MATH) course that includes Calculus will fulfill this Core requirement.
5. A “C” (2.0) or better is required in each of the DCOB core courses in order to use these courses as part of the core requirement for all business majors.​