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The Davis College of Business offers various GRE and GMAT test preparation courses each month. All classes are offered from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on the dates listed below.  For more information about the courses and to sign up please email mba@ju.edu.
Subject Covered​ ​Session 1 ​Session 2 ​Location ​Professor
GMAT Math July 22, 2014 ​August 5, 2014 Davis College of Business, Room 128 Dr. Mirabella
GRE Math August 6, 2014 August 13, 2014 Davis College of Business, Room 128 Dr. Foley​
GMAT/GRE Verbal September 3, 2014 September 10, 2014 Davis College of Business, Room 128 TBA
GMAT Math October 1, 2014 October 8, 2014 Davis College of Business, Room 128 Dr. Mirabella
GRE Math November 5, 2014 November 12, 2014 Davis College of Business, Room 128 Dr. Foley​
GMAT/GRE Verbal December 3, 2014 December 10, 2014 Davis College of Business, Room 128 TBA
Course Descriptions:
The GMAT Math test measures the ability to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data.  The questions on the exam are either problem-solving ones like you would see on the GRE or SAT, or the data-sufficiency ones that are unique to the GMAT and take some getting used to.  This class is designed to help prepare students for both types of problems. There will be a review of elementary algebra and geometry concepts as well as other mathematical concepts necessary to be successful on the GMAT.  The GMAT is more about knowing what is needed to solve problems or what answers make sense vs. having to compute answers from memorized formulas, which is appropriate for a business leader.  As there are a few topics which are heavily repeated, these topics will be emphasized in the class so as to make the most of the time together.  To be most effective, it is imperative that students complete a practice test before attending the class so the instructor can work on the weaknesses of the students and help them to understand the concepts and the test formatting better.

The GRE Math skills required for the quantitative reasoning section are of a basic standard that should be within the reach of a tenth grade student. You don't need to learn up lots of new formulae but you will need to sharpen up your thinking skills. Questions are of three main types: Multiple choice problem solving (with one or more correct answers), Numeric entry, and Quantitative comparisons.  You may be tested on basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry and a few miscellaneous topics (mainly data interpretation and applied math).  Recommend to start your GRE prep from this website: http://majortests.com/gre/

The GMAT Verbal portion of the test contains questions of three types: Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension​.  The verbal section of the GMAT has 41 questions to be completed in 75 minutes. Of these questions​ approximately: 15 are Sentence Correction; 14 are Critical Reasoning; and 12 are Reading Comprehension​.  The GRE Verbal portion of the test contains questions of three types: Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion, and Reading Comprehension​.  A good vocabulary is essential for the Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions which account for approximately 50% of the questions in this section.​  For more information and resources visit http://www.majortests.com/
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1) How much does it cost?
​Congratulations on your decision to pursue higher education. With a completed application to one of our business graduate programs, each prospective student is allowed to attend two prep sessions (one course) at no charge. If, after the two completed sessions, you wish to take more prep courses for whatever reason, you may do so at a rate of $35 per session ($70 per course), payable by check when you arrive at the session.
2) I want to attend your sessions, but I will be applying for a different university or a non-business Jacksonville University graduate program, can I still attend?
Yes, you are able to attend our prep sessions; however, the cost will be $35 per session ($70 per course), payable by check when you arrive at the session.
3) I applied to the Davis College of Business and attended one of the prep sessions. I no longer plan to pursue higher education; can I receive a refund on my application fee?
We are sorry to hear that you are no longer interested in pursuing higher education. Unfortunately, the application fee is non-refundable.
4) How often are the courses offered?
We offer three different courses on a rotating schedule: GMAT Math, GRE Math and GMAT/GRE Verbal.  We typically offer one course (two sessions) each month. Please review our table at the top of this page for up to date listings of courses, dates and locations.
5)I have applied to one of the Davis College of Business Graduate Programs, how soon before the semester begins should I plan to take the GMAT or GRE in order to receive a decision from the graduate committee?
​This decision is up to you. However, in order to guarantee consideration for admission, GRE/GMAT scores can be submitted up to two weeks prior to the start date contingent upon all other application documents being submitted.
6) Is there another good study website?
​Yes, visit Exam Focus​ for more test tips on the GMAT and GRE.

To reserve your space or for more information, please email mba@ju.edu​.