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 Maybe you are thinking that a bachelor's degree will help you get that promotion you have always wanted? Or you are looking for the region's best graduate business program? Look no further than JU. We maintain the highest accreditation with the Association of American Colleges & Schools of Business (AACSB).  AACSB is the gold standard in a business education. Less than 5% of MBA graduates come from this top tier that in addition to JU includes Stanford, University of Chicago, and Harvard University. We prepare each graduate for a lifetime of success and promotions.

 At the Davis College of Business, we promise more than great teaching and a campus location envied by our competitors. 

 As Wayne Gretsky said eloquently, "I don't skate after the puck; I skate to where the puck is going to be". You may need the next credential to get promoted, but most MBA programs are simply skating to where the puck is today. Through any course of study at the Davis School, you will have a "backstage pass" to new leadership opportunities, an innovative small class environment, internships, and even discover career paths unknown to all of us today. 

 My goal as Dean is to lead our faculty and staff in creating VIP-like access to the best of these opportunities. As a result of our value-add approach to business education, we do more than other programs in preparing every graduate for a lifetime of promotions.  That is why so many JU grads occupy the C-level suites in the Southeast's leading corporations and start-ups. 

 As Dean, I promise JU's business program will be compelling and stimulating intellectually, socially (rewarding from the networking perspective), and provide a substantial return on your educational investment. By substantial, I mean you should expect a payback or ROI that is ten to twenty times more than your original investment if your do more than just occupy a seat . To earn those rewards, you must actively pursue excellence, compete for the best internships, network with our alumni, and participate in extra-curricular activities with faculty and classmates. When you contribute and work hard at the Davis School, you will be prepared to soar higher than you have ever before. 


Don Capener, Ph.D.