Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University

About DCOB

Vision, Mission and Goals

AACSBAACSB Accreditation


We build thoughtful, engaged leaders who create sustainable high performance and value in their careers, organizations, comm​unities, and world.


We do so by delivering high quality, relevant and acces​sible educational programs and scholarship that build the capacities of current and future leaders for:

  • Championing ideas that provide perspective and advantage through a creative, action-oriented strategic mindset

  • Applying specialized knowledge and methods that make a sustainable difference and demonstrates significant business expertise

  • Displaying outstanding leadership skills across their entire careers

  • Acting with the highest standards of professionalism evidenced by their ethical character and integrity

Strategic Priorities

  • Strategic Priority 1: Develop a Sustainable Growth Model

    • SMP (1): Develop Financial Strategies to Support the School's Mission

  • Strategic Priority 2: Create a Robust Operating Structure

    • SMP (2): Review administrative structure and processes for quality growth

    • SMP (3): Increase availability and use of technology

    • SMP (4): Review of the Mission Statement to accommodate change

  • Strategic Priority 3: Continue Improving Quality

    • SMP (5): Initiate revisions to curricula

    • SMP (6): Support faculty development

    • SMP (7): Enhance student opportunities for professional development

    • SMP (8): Develop and implement assessment plan

  • Strategic Priority 4: Create a Distinctive Identity & Brand

    • SMP (9): Enhance and develop Davis Leadership Center

      SMP (10): Increase interaction with business community and outreach