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The faculty, staff, and students of the Davis College realize the importance of collaborating with one another and external entities to compliment the education taught with-in its walls. Whether those contributions are time, money, or expertise, the benefits of having support are paramount in developing well-rounded programs with meaningful content.


Florida Coastal School of Law

At Florida Coastal School of Law, our mission is to offer the finest legal education, coupling tradition with a practical, real world approach. Led by exceptional, internationally accomplished faculty, Coastal Law creates an innovative educational experience that produces first-rate lawyers with uncompromised ethics and sharp legal skills.


At GlobalJax, it is our hope that our website will connect new international partners and excite and motivate existing partners in business, culture, education, and health and social service groups to exchange ideas to create far-reaching and innovative new ventures. GlobalJax will provide your new business and social connection!


IMPACTjax is the young professionals program of the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the premier venue for Jacksonville’s next generation of leaders to connect with each other and the community. With more than 450 members, IMPACTjax serves a built-in network of contacts for 21-40 year olds who currently live in the Jacksonville area, or are considering the First Coast as a place to move.

Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program

As part of the initiative, JU EMBA students will receive a preventative medical examination by specialists in the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program designed for top-level executives. The examination includes a complete checkup and comprehensive lifestyle assessment. Students will discuss their results face-to-face with a Mayo Clinic physician, who will guide them in developing a plan based on their personal objectives. Mayo Clinic and DCOB will jointly design a series of short seminars, briefings and workshops of varying duration to be delivered by Mayo Clinic staff to Davis EMBA students during regularly scheduled program sessions. The seminars and workshops will focus on the connections between mind, body and human performance and will be woven into the Davis EMBA curriculum and delivered by Mayo Clinic medical staff. Topics will likely include: stress management, heart-healthy lifestyle, travel, nutrition, exercise, fitness and brain function and mental acuity.

Political Leadership Institute

Political Leadership Institute is an innovative non-partisan public-leadership program exposes prospective public leaders with business-related experience to the knowledge and skills necessary to campaign for public office, understand regional issues and serve as outstanding leaders.

Principles for Responsible Management Education

On November 4, 2008, Jacksonville University became the first university in Florida to be accepted into the PRME initiative and joins more than 160 of the world's leading business schools as members.

Springboard Capital, LLC

Springboard Capital, LLC is a member-managed private equity fund focused upon seed and early stage investment located in Jacksonville, Florida. Springboard's members, all individual accredited investors, guide the fund's activities and play an active role in all aspects of investment opportunity analysis, due diligence, investment structuring and post-investment collaboration.​