All full-time Traditional Undergraduate students enrolled for a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours will automatically be enrolled in the Jacksonville University Student Medical Insurance Plan and the premium for coverage is added to the tuition billing upon registration.  This plan is also automatically added for Orthodontics students, excluding those participating in the Clinical Research in Orthodontic Fellowship Program. Coverage can be waived if evidence of other comparable coverage is presented prior to the waiver deadline.

The University student health insurance policy is compliant with Federal Health Care Reform law (section 1302b of the PPACA).




DUE TO REQUIREMENTS OF THE PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (PPACA), INSURANCE RATES ARE EXPECTED TO INCREASE EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2015.  NEW RATES WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN OCTOBER, 2014.  Full-time Traditional Undergraduate students enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan in the Fall 2014 term will automatically be billed $548.75 for the Fall term only (8/1/14 through 12/31/14).  Insurance is still provided for the entire academic year.  Therefore, in January 2015, new and  continuing full-time Traditional Undergraduate students in Spring 2015 will automatically be billed at the new, increased rate, prorated for the remainder of the academic year (Spring 2015 and Summer 2015, 1/1/15 through 7/31/15).  New, incoming full-time Traditional Undergraduate students in the Summer 2015 term will be billed at the new rate, prorated for the Summer term only.  For all students participating in the Student Health Insurance plan thereafter, coverage will automatically renew for the following academic year (2015-2016) unless a valid waiver has been received, and the entire amount for that year will be billed in the Fall 2015 term at the rate in effect at that time.

General Rules for Enrollment
Students may enroll after the deadline only if there has been a significant life change (i.e. loss of prior coverage) and should contact the Jacksonville University Student Health Insurance Administrator at (904) 256-7080 or  A written request must be submitted to the Controller’s Office with documentation as to why they no longer are insured, along with proof of dropped coverage from the prior carrier. The rate will be pro-rated based on the month the student enrolls.   


Special note for International Students
Waivers will only be accepted if your insurance coverage is based in the United States and the policy must be printed in English.

Special note for Active Duty Military Students
If you are non-NROTC Active Duty you will need to provide a completed waiver form and a letter from your CO, which states that you have full health and accident coverage.

Special note for Military Dependent Students
If you have Tricare Prime, a copy of your insurance card is still a requirement. If you do not have your card, please visit to access your card online.
If you have Tricare Standard or Extra, your military ID card should not be photocopied. Please submit your waiver in person to someone in the Controller's Office and show them your ID. They will then mark your waiver as showing proof.

Effective Dates:
The effective date of benefit coverage for the 2013-2014 academic year is August 1, 2013 – July 31, 2014.


Waiver Procedure:
All eligible students who have other comparable insurance coverage must file a waiver by the deadline below in order to waive participation in the Student Medical Insurance Plan.  Click here for a hard copy of the Student Health Insurance Waiver Form.   All waivers and proof of current comparable coverage should be submitted to the Controller’s Office directlyThe Controller's Office is not responsible for waivers turned into other Departments.
If the waiver information has not been received by the indicated deadline, the student will remain enrolled in the University's Student Medical Insurance Plan and the charge for the Student Medical Insurance Plan cannot be removed.

Waiver Deadline: 
The deadline to waive the student health insurance is August 30, 2013.


2013-2014 Brochure:

Click here for Student Health Ins. Waiver Form, and click here for Student Ins. Plan. 

Premium Rates:  


 Semester  Dates  Rate
 Annual  08/01/2013 -07/31/2014  $1317.00
 Spring  01/14/2014- 07/31/2014  $724.00
 Summer   05/13/2014- 07/31/2014  $293.00


Claims Procedures:

You may contact Florida Blue's Customer Service Department at 800-967-8938 or Collegiate Risk Management at 800-922-3420.

Contact Us 
Collegiate Risk Management
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