Part of the completion of the Computing Sciences major is the Senior Project that may be fulfilled during the junior or senior year. This offers the students an opportunity for multidisciplinary collaboration with industry, different departments, or local universities. It involves solving a real world problem, software or hardware implementation, and a final report that describes the project.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Data Driven Websites
  • Database design, implementation, and optimization
  • Logical circuit design and implementation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Undergraduate Research in the following areas:
    • Green, sustainable Computing
    • Computing for Sustainability
    • Programming Languages
    • Computer Science Education
    • Computer Performance

Senior Projects 2012:

  • Filtersavvy, by Will Arroyo:
    E-commerce data driven website for car filter selling business. Translated in multiple languages.
  • L.O.S.S. Learning Open Source Simulation, by Julian Bravard
    The goal of this project is to make event driven simulation simple and accessible to undergraduate students. More information can be found in the poster: "L.O.S.S. Learning Open Source Simulation". Download NBLOSS.jar executable, source code.
  • Game Programming Super Mario, by Marc Cribb:
    This is a video game with nine different levels with Super Mario graphics. It was developed using the XNA framework. Download
    Mario Game and README. 
  • Cousins Distributors LTD, by Alyssia Cousins: Data driven website for small business. Written in PHP.
  • JEA Home Energy efficiency Back Pack Application development, by Mike Pellittiere:
    Cloud application developed in PHP and Javascript. The goal of this application is to make a home energy audit for JEA's customers an easy, do-it-yourself project. Furthermore, using this app will promote energy conservation and sustainability to JEA's customers.

Past Student Projects: