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Mission Statement
Jacksonville University School of Nursing is committed to the success of each student as a self-assured, competent, caring professional nurse, who practices in an evolving, complex health care environment, provides leadership to promote health among culturally diverse people and promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge through evidence-based practice and life-long learning. 
Undergraduate Strategic Goals
  • Foster a culture where students value evidence based practice as it relates to a dynamic healthcare environment and clinical nursing practice
  • Demonstrate clinical excellence in a variety of healthcare settings, with a focus on safety and quality care across diverse populations
  • Promote and support the leadership behaviors of a professional nurse in intra- and interpersonal interactions
  • Facilitate teaching and learning by integration of technology and simulation to enhance communication and skill acquisition
  • Encourage engaged learning to instill intellectual curiosity and life-long learning
  • Cultivate a holistic approach of caring for self and others