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Chris Robertson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology​
Director, Kinesiology Program

Dr. Chris Robertson is the Director of the Kinesiology Program within the College of Health Sciences at Jacksonville University. Dr. Robertson’s research interests include the neuromechanical basis of human movement. Dr. Robertson completed post-doctoral work with the Department of Veterans Affairs at Stanford University and the University of Florida studying spinal cord mechanisms that influence locomotor rehabilitation in stroke and spinal cord injured patients. Dr. Robertson received his PhD in Neuroscience and Human Performance from Indiana University.
Jeffrey Wight, PhD
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Director, Human Performance Laboratory
Dr. Wight is an Assistant Professor in the Kinesiology Program and Director of the Human Performance Laboratory. Dr. Wight is a sport biomechanist with graduate degrees from the University of Delaware (MS in Biomechanics) and University of Florida (PhD in Biomechanics). Dr. Wight has extensive experience using motion-analysis cameras to study baseball pitching and tennis serve biomechanics. He also developed a custom biomechanical analysis to assess throwing shoulder flexibility. Recently, Dr. Wight has focused much attention on running biomechanics. 


Heather Hausenblas, PhD
Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Dr. Heather Hausenblas is a physical activity and healthy aging expert, researcher, and author. She obtained her doctorate from The University of Western Ontario, Canada. Dr. Hausenblas was a faculty member and the Director of the Exercise Psychology lab at the University of Florida from 1998 to 2012. She is currently an Associate Professor at Jacksonville University in the College of Health Sciences. Her research focuses on the psychological effects of health behaviors, in particular physical activity and diet, across the lifespan. She examines the effects of physical activity and diet on body image, mood, adherence, quality of life, and excessive exercise.

Gail Maetozo, PhD
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Dr. Gail “Buffy” Maetozo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology within the College of Health Sciences at Jacksonville University. She has a BS in physical education from Springfield College, an MS in exercise science from Northeastern University, and a PhD in Teacher Education from Florida State University. Dr. Maetozo’s research interests include exercise and fitness, nutrition and stroke recovery.