Jacksonville University entered into an agreement with the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) creating a Dual MBA/JD degree program. This allows students to obtain both a Davis MBA degree and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from FCSL. Applicants must meet the entrance requirements of both the DCOB and FCSL to ​be accepted into the program.                                          

Normally the first year will be spent at FCSL with the student taking primarily required JD courses. Course work in subsequent years will be distributed between law and business courses. Students will be required to complete the Davis FLEX or Accelerated MBA requirements of 35 credit hours for a general MBA degree or 38 credit hours for an MBA degree with a concentration in either management or accounting and finance, as well as completing any needed foundation courses.  However, up to nine (9) of the credit hours required for the MBA will come from JD courses as follows:

  • Three (3) credit hours will come from a course in the international law area.
  • Three (3) credit hours will come from "Professional Responsibility."
  • Three (3) credit hours will come from any other appropriate JU case.

The nine (9) credit hours accepted from FCSL must be earned with a grade of at least 2.0 (“C”).  These credit hours will show as transfer credits on the student’s transcript but will not be included in the JU grade point average computation.

Students will also be required to complete all the requirements in the FCSL Student Handbook to earn the JD degree. Up to nine (9) credit hours for that degree will come from MBA courses. However, the MBA foundation courses will not be permitted to count toward the JD degree.

For additional information, contact Director of Graduate Programs.​​