The Aviation Management and Flight Operations (AVO) major prepares students for careers as professional pilots. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in business management and all required FAA pilot ratings to conduct flight operations in the National Airspace System. The AVO program offers three (3) areas of focus or career tracks:


  • Commercial Pilot
  • Military – Navy
  • Military – Marine

Students must select the career track of their choice upon entry into the program. Students selecting a Military track must be actively enrolled in the corresponding NROTC Navy or Marine Corps program at Jacksonville University.  Each career track consists of the University Core Curriculum, the modified Davis College of Business Core Curriculum, and a common aviation core.  The remaining course requirements are specific to the chosen track. The flight training program for students in the Commercial Pilot track includes all FAA flight ratings required to operate as commercial pilots and flight instructors. The flight training program for students in either Military track is shorter and only includes FAA flight ratings up to commercial pilot certification.

The flight training program is offered in cooperation with Aerosim Flight Academy (formerly Delta Connection Academy). The flight program is FAA-certified under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141. Please refer to the Admission section of the Catalog for special information about application and admission requirements for this program.



The degree program in Aviation Management and Flight Operations requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and includes the following four (4) components:

  • University Core Curriculum
  • Modified Davis College of Business Core Curriculum 
  • Common aviation management & flight operations core
  • Area of focus or career track

Students majoring in Aviation Management & Flight Operations (AVO) must earn a “C” or better in courses AVS 101, AVS 202, AVS 303, AVS 401 and AVS 411.

Modified Davis College of Business Core Curriculum for AVO majors:

 Code Course Credit
 ACCT 201   Principles of Accounting I 1  3
 ACCT 202   Principles of Accounting II 1  3
 MGT 308WI/SI   Business Communications 1  3
 ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics 1  3
 ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics 1  3
 MATH 112 Modern Applications of Math 1, 2  3
 DSIM 301   Business Statistics  3
 DSIM 305   Quantitative Business Methods  3
 MGT 310  Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills 3  3
 MKG 301   Principles of Marketing   3
   Subtotal: 30-31

1. A “C” (2.0) or better is required in order to use this course as part of the Davis College of Business Core Curriculum     requirement for any business major.
2. NROTC students in the Military-Navy Track take MATH 140 (Calculus I; 4 cr. hrs.) instead of MATH 112.
3. NROTC students in the Military Navy and Marine Tracks take NS 401 (Leadership and Management; 3 cr. hrs.)                   instead of MGT 310.

Common AVO Core

 Code Course Credit
AVS 101   Aviation Science for Private Pilots  3
AVS 102   Aviation Weather  3
AVS 103 Introduction to Aviation Automation  3
AVS 202   Aviation Science for Instrument Pilots  3
AVS 303   Aviation Science for Commercial Multi-Engine Pilots  3
AVS 404​ Advanced Aircraft Systems II​  3​
​AVS 432 Advanced Aircraft Systems III​  3​
AVO 110 Private Pilot Lab  2
AVO 213  Instrument Rating Lab A  2
AVO 215 Instrument Rating Lab B  2
AVO 314 Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot Lab  2
AVO 432​ Jet Transition Training Lab1  2​
AVM 302   Aviation Economics  3
AVM 403   Aviation Transportation Environment  3
AVM 406   Aviation Law  3
​AVM 407 ​Crew Resource Management  ​3
                  Subtotal: 43
Total: ​ 73-74​

1. AVO 432 is a capstone course for AVO majors.







CAREER TRACKS  (Students must select one Career Track listed below) 


Commercial Pilot Track

 Code Course Credit
 AVS 401   Elements of Flight Instruction  3
 AVS 411   Elements of Flight Instruction - Instrument   2
 AVO 316   Commercial Single-Engine Pilot Lab  1
 AVO 410   Flight Instructor Airplane Lab  2
 AVO 411   Flight Instructor Instrument Lab  2
 AVM 311  Airline Management  3
 PHYS 125   Aviation Physics  4
 XX xxx One (1) Aviation Elective1                              3
   Total:  20

1. The Aviation electives may be any additional AVO, AVM, or AVS course not listed in the common Aviation core or the specific concentration.

Military-Navy Track

 Code Course Credit
 NS 101   Introduction to Naval Science  2
 NS 102   Seapower & Maritime Affairs  2
 NS 201   Naval Ship Systems I  3
 NS 202   Naval Ship Systems II  3
 NS 301 Navigation & Naval Operations I  3
 NS 302   Navigation & Naval Operations II  3
 NS 313 Navigation Laboratory  1
 NS 314   Navigation Laboratory  1
 NS 402  Leadership and Ethics  3
 PHYS 151  General Physics: Mechanics  4
   Total:  25

NOTE: There may be additional classes required by NROTC that are not listed in the above Navy track. Please consult  with the NROTC Advisor for details.


Military-Marine Track 
Marine Corps option students will complete NS 310 (Evolution of Warfare) and NS 410 (Amphibious Warfare) during the sophomore and junior years in lieu of NS 201-202 and NS 301-302/NS 313-314.

 Code Course  Credit 
 NS 101 Introduction to Naval Science  2
 NS 102 Seapower & Maritime Affairs  2
 NS 310 Evolution of Warfare  3
 NS 402 Leadership and Ethics  3
 NS 410 Amphibious Warfare  3
 PHYS 125 Aviation Physics                                            4
​ XX xxx ​One Aviation Elective1 ​ 3
          Total: 20

 1. The Aviation elective may be any additional AVO, AVM, or AVS course not listed in the common Aviation core or the specific concentration.

NOTE: There may be additional classes required by NROTC that are not listed in the above Marine track. Please consult with the NROTC Advisor for details.



A minor in Aviation Management and Flight Operations requires that the student complete the following courses:

 Code Course Credit
 AVS 101  Aviation Science for Private Pilots  3
 AVS 102  Aviation Weather  3
 AVS 103 Introduction to Aviation Automation  3
 AVO 110  Private Pilot Lab  2
   Subtotal: 11

 In addition, two (2) courses must be taken from the following 3-credit hour courses:

 Code Course   Credit
 AVM 301  Aviation History & Development   
 AVM 302  Aviation Economics   
 AVM 306   Airport Planning & Management   
 AVM 403​ The Aviation Transportation System Environment​
 AVM 404  Civil Aviation Operations   
 AVM 406  Aviation Law   
 AVM 407  Crew Resource Management   
​ AVS 202  Aviation Science for Instrument Pilots ​
  Subtotal: 6
  Total: 17


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