Program outcomes for the Doctor of Nursing Program are:


  • Lead interdisciplinary health care initiatives at the organizational and systems level to improve health outcomes for individuals and populations.
  • Integrate principles of ethics and cultural diversity into clinical decision making for individuals and populations experiencing complex health issues. 
  • Influence public policy designed to ensure the safety and quality of healthcare for individuals and populations.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of technology and information systems designed to improve the quality of care for individuals and populations.
  • Critically evaluate the philosophical and scientific underpinnings of advanced practice nursing.
  • Translate relevant research findings from nursing and related disciplines to advanced clinical nursing practice to improve health outcomes for individuals and populations.
  • Demonstrate the highest level of advanced practice clinical nursing to promote health and manage direct care of individuals experiencing acute and chronic health issues
  • Disseminate advanced practice nursing knowledge derived from clinical scholarship.  

All Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students are required to complete the following coursework:

DNP Core:

Code Course  Credits
NUR 610* Information Systems and Technology of   3
Advanced Practice​
NUR 630* Epidemiology and Biostatistics  3
NUR 650* Theory Application in Advanced Practice Nursing  3
NUR 660* Ethics in Clinical Practice  3
NUR 670* Leadership and Health Policy  3
NUR 680 Nursing Theory and Research III  3
NUR 710 Clinical Practice Project I  3
NUR 711​ Clinical Residency I​  1-4​
NUR 720 Clinical Practice Project II  3
NUR 721​ Clinical Residency II​  1-4​
NUR 730 Clinical Practice Project III  3
NUR 731​ Clinical Residency III​  1-4​
                                                                                          Subtotal: 30-39​


In addition, all DNP students must complete one 3-course, 9-credit hour cognate chosen from Advanced Practice or Leadership:

DNP Advanced Practice Cognate:

Code​ Course​ Credits
NUR 600 Organizational Theory, Health Care Management​, 3​
and Finance​
NUR 620​ Advanced Diagnostic Reasoning and Treatment II​ 3​
NUR 640​ Clinical Manifestations of Disease Process and ​ 3​
Emerging Therapies​


DNP Leadership Cognate:
Code Course​ Credits​
NUR 602​ Business of Healthcare 3​
NUR 622​ Quality Management to Improve Health Outcomes​ 3​
NUR 642​ Executive Leadership and Innovation​ 3​
                                                                                                Subtotal:​ 9​
​                      Total hours including core and specialty cognate: 39-48



If needed, DNP students may be required to complete one or both of the following courses:


Code​ Course​ Credits
NUR 740​ Continuous Enrollment Clinical Practice Project 1-4​
NUR 741​ Continuous Enrollment Clinical Residency Project​ 1-4​


NOTE: Students must be enrolled in coursework the semester the degree is awarded. The degree must be awarded within five (5) years of starting the program. 

* MSN students may elect to take one (1) or more of the DNP Core courses.    



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