Private Music Lessons in Voice, Composition and All Instruments 

Students majoring in music are required to take applied music lessons to meet their curriculum requirements. Students who are not majoring in music require the consent of the department to take private music lessons.

Lessons are provided for a fee of $175 per academic credit.

In summer terms, lesson time and amount of credit will vary according to the length of the term. Students may enroll in only one (1) applied course on a given instrument or voice per term.

Private Music Lessons - Music Majors Only
Music majors only may enroll in the following applied music courses:


Code Course Credit
MUS 200 Sophomore Qualifying Examination 0
MUS 202 Principal Applied 2
MUS 203 Principal Applied 3
MUS 205 Secondary Applied 1
MUS 300 Junior Recital 0
MUS 400 Senior Recital 0
MUS 402 Principal Applied 2
MUS 404 Principal Applied 3
MUS 405 Secondary Piano 1
Total: 12

All students registered in MUS 202, 203, 402 or 404 are required to sign up for the following two (2) courses:

Code Course Credit
MUS 100 Recital Attendance 0
MUS 208-408

Applied Lab

Total: 0


  • In the summer terms, the lesson time and the amount of credit given will vary according to the length of the term.
  • Music business students take MUS 205 (1 credit) or MUS 405 (1 credit).
  • All other music majors take MUS 202 (2 credits) or MUS 402 (2 credits) in the fall or spring term.
  • All music majors registered in applied lessons (MUS 202, 203, 205, 402, 404, or 405) are required to attend a specified number of on-campus recitals and concerts each fall and winter semester. Students should consult their applied instructor for the exact number required for their particular major or status.
  • With the exception of music business majors, all music majors taking applied lessons are expected to perform on a performance laboratory at least once each year. Performance laboratories are held at regularly scheduled times during the fall and spring terms.
  • BME and BM degree students are required to pass a piano proficiency examination before graduation. Students must enroll in piano secondary applied study until this requirement has been fulfilled. Specific requirements may be obtained from the piano faculty.
  • All students enrolled in Applied Music MUS 202, 203, 402, and 404 must schedule an applied music jury examination at the end of each fall and spring term.
  • Students may enroll in only one (1) applied course on a given instrument or voice per term.​