Courses in religion are designed to train students in the critical examination of traditions, doctrines, rituals, literature, and cultures of a wide variety of belief systems. The student is introduced to critical and survey methodologies in Biblical studies and the investigation of ancient and modern belief systems.

The religion curriculum is intended to function as a preparation for professional schools as well as a general enhancement of the liberal education. The religious beliefs, traditions, and practices of all faiths are treated with academic respect.

All religion courses listed count toward a minor in religion. A minor consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours in religion. These include two required courses and three electives.



 A Religion minor consists of the following courses:

Code Course Credit
RELG 101​ World Religions​ 3​
RELG 201  Old Testament History & Literature 3
  or RELG 202​   or New Testament History & Literature​
Subtotal: 6​


AND three (3) additional RELG elective courses chosen from the following:

Code Course Credit
RELG 201  The remaining course not chosen previously from
  or RELG 202​ this pair​
RELG 305 Philosophy of Religion
RELG 350 Special Topics in Religion 
(May repeat for credit with topic change)
Subtotal:​ 9
Total: 15​