Courses in French enable the student to learn the French language and become familiar with Francophone cultures. Majors in French also study the outstanding figures of Francophone literatures and civilizations, and are prepared for careers in teaching, government service and private corporations. For more information visit the Foreign Languages web page.

Study Abroad - Study abroad is strongly encouraged for all students, particularly for minors and majors. JU has a summer program in Paris, where all levels of French can be studied.



A major in French must meet the following requirements: 

Code​ Course​ Credit​
FREN xxx​ Minimum 27 credit hours in French courses numbered 200 ​ 27-42​
​and above, maximum 42 credit hours
​                                                                                           Subtotal: 27-42​
Code Course​ Credit​
XXX xxx​ Three (3) credit hours in a writing intensive course chosen​ 3​
​from COMM 207WI, ENGL 302WI or ENGL 304WI
COMM xxx​ Any COMM speech intensive(SI) course​ 3​
​                                                                                            Subtotal: ​6
                                                                                                  Total:​ 33-48​



A minor in French requires a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses numbered 200 and above.



  • Students who place at the 300 level on the French placement exam will be awarded six (6) hours of credit for
    FREN 201 and 202 upon satisfactory completion, with a grade of “C” or better, of a 300- or 400-level course.
    Students who do not subsequently enroll in and complete a 300- or 400-level course will still have satisfied
    the Core Curriculum Global Studies requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree, but without academic credit.
  • A student must complete either French 301 or 302, or obtain the consent of the department before enrolling in
    a more advanced course.



Students who plan to teach French on the secondary level should consult with the School of Education early in their academic careers to determine the specific requirements.