The Criminal Justice minor will provide students with a multidisciplinary understanding of crime and justice drawing primarily from the discipline of sociology. Students pursuing a minor in criminal justice will take courses covering the fundamentals of criminology as well as additional courses focusing on key areas and issues in the study of crime. The minor will prepare students for a wide variety of careers in criminal justice such as corrections, policing, research, victim advocacy, case management as well careers in a variety of social-service settings.


 A Criminal Justice minor consists of the following courses: 
Code Course Credit
SOC 305 Criminology 3


AND four (4) courses selected from the following 3-credit hour courses: 

Code Course Credit
GEOG 450   Geographic Information Systems   
POL 309  Courts and the Constitution in American Politics  
SOC 331   Women and Crime  
SOC 332 Media and Crime  
SOC 333  Substance Abuse & Behavior  
SOC 380 Juvenile Delinquency  
SOC 430 Social Deviance   
SOC 435 Organized Crime  
SOC 445 Conflict and Nonviolence  
                                                                                 Subtotal:​ 12​
​Total:   15​


NOTE:  Sociology (SOC) credit received for the above courses may not count towards both the sociology major/minor and the criminal justice minor. Credit may be applied to the Sociology major/minor OR the Criminal Justice minor.