The JU Public Policy Institute (JU PPI) seeks to prepare future leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors, better educate mid-career professionals, and  solve community problems through public policy expertise, collaboration among policymakers and academics, and public discussion on policy issues that shape the future of Florida and nation.
The heart of the JU Public Policy Institute is its two-year Master in Public Policy (MPP) Program. This is the first and only MPP Program in the state of Florida. In addition, the Institute has established the first MPP dual degree programs in the state. This includes the Master in Public Policy-Juris Doctor (MPP-JD), Master in Public Policy-Master of Business Administration (MPP-MBA) and Master in Public Policy-Marine Science (MPP-MA/MS in MSC) dual degree programs.
The Institute has developed an extensive network of 40 community partners to support the Institute and JU MPP students. The 25 member, nonpartisan JU PPI Board of Advisors is a diverse cross section of some of Florida's most respected and successful business, civic, and community leaders. In addition, a network of 15 private, public and non-profit organizations, including the Florida Governor's Office, Congressional Offices, CSX Corporation, Florida Blue, public transportation agency (JTA), utilities authority (JEA), international trade authority (JPA), Water Management agency (SJRWMD), education agencies, (Superintendent's Office and JPEF), non-profit agencies (Community Foundation and JCCI), and other agencies have joined the JU PPI Internship Program and will host internships for JU MPP students.
The Institute's public policy program is focused on students, mid-career professional and the community. It includes the following:
Academic Program: MPP Degree and Three Dual Degree Programs
The JU PPI is a two-year program that emphasizes interdisciplinary study and the development of core skills in policy analysis, quantitative methods, management and leadership. Along with a summer internship, capstone policy project and elective courses, students are prepared for diverse leadership and career opportunities, including local, state and federal government, public office, consulting firms, corporate government affairs departments, think tanks, non-profit organizations, and any agency, company or organization that requires public policy knowledge, experience and analysis.
MPP graduates work in the public, non-profit and private sectors and play an important role in shaping the future of the communities in which they live.
JU PPI also offers MPP-JD, MPP-MBA and MPP-MA/MS in Marine Science dual degree programs. In the MPP-JD dual degree program, JU PPI is collaborating with the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) and an MPP degree and JD degree can be obtained in four years, instead of five years if pursued separately. JU PPI, and Jacksonville University’s Davis College of Business (DCOB) and Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI), also offer an opportunity for an MPP degree and MBA degree, or an MPP and an MA degree or MS degree in Marine Science, in these dual degree programs. These dual degrees can be obtained in three years, instead of four years if pursued separately.
Mid-Career Professional Program
For those already in the work force, JU PPI seeks to provide executive courses, training programs and a certificate (non-degree) program in public policy. These courses and programs in public policy can provide invaluable education and training for mid-career professionals, elected officials and others in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 
Community Programs
JU PPI seeks to solve community problems and help shape public policy for the region, state and nation. As part of its public policy program, JU PPI seeks to provide policy conferences, forums and speakers that bring together policymakers, academics and the public. The conferences, forums and speaker events are open to the public and seek to provide collaboration, a neutral gathering place and substantive expertise, education and discussion.
JU PPI offers the following graduate programs:
  • Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree.
  • Master in Public Policy (MPP)/Juris Doctor (JD) Dual Degree Program. This program is done in concert with Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL).  
  • Master in Public Policy (MPP)/Master of Business Administration (MBA) Dual Degree Program. This program is coordinated with the Jacksonville University Davis College of Business (DCOB). 
  • Master in Public Policy (MPP)/Master of Arts in Marine Science or Master of Science in Marine Science (MA/MS in MSC) Dual Degree Program. This program is coordinated with the Jacksonville University Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI). 
Admission Requirements
Students seeking an MPP degree must have a bachelor's degree (or international equivalent) from an accredited college university  in the United States. Admission requirements include transcripts for all work beyond secondary school, GRE or GMAT test scores (LSAT for dual degree MPP-JD students or with approval of JU PPI), resume, letters of recommendation(2), personal statement and optional statement. Undergraduate courses in economics and statistics are not required, but are strongly recommended. 
Refer to Graduate Programs Admission under the Admission section of this catalog for a complete list of admission requirements for the MPP program and all dual degree programs.  
Fall, spring and summer semesters - $664 (per semester hour)