Master in Public Policy (MPP)/Juris Doctor (JD) Dual Degree Program

The JU Public Policy Institute (JU PPI), in cooperation with the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL), offers an MPP-JD dual degree program. In this program, students receive both an MPP degree and JD degree in a year less than if the degrees were pursued separately.

The JU PPI/FCSL MPP-JD dual degree program is a four year program. If pursued separately, both degrees would take five years to complete. In year one, students will complete the entire first year curriculum in either the JU MPP program or the FCSL JD program. In year two, the other school's first year curriculum will be completed. In years three and four, students will take a mix of law and policy courses.

JU PPI will recognize 12 credits of JD coursework towards the MPP degree, and FCSL will recognize 12 credits of MPP coursework towards the JD degree. The total coursework will consists of 114 credit hours, with 36-credit hours of public policy coursework, including an internship (two credit MPP internship requirement can be met through an MPP internship, qualifying clerkship, or qualifying work or professional experience; it must be completed prior to the fourth year) and 78 credit hours of JD coursework. The law school courses include two courses that provide a framework for policy making: Administrative Law and Statutory Interpretation and Legislative Process.

Applicants to the MPP-JD program will be required to  meet the entrance requirements for both JU PPI and FCSL and to be accepted into each institution. Additionally, a dual degree enrollment form, approved by each school, will be required. To be accepted to FCSL, students must take the LSAT exam. JU will recognize the LSAT score and will not require the GME or GMAT for acceptance to the JD-MPP program. Admission to one program will not guarantee that the applicant will be admitted to the other. Applications will be welcomed from students with baccalaureate degrees in any field.

Students may apply for acceptance into the dual degree program prior to enrolling in the JD or MPP programs or at any time during their first year in the JD program or the MPP program. Students wishing to apply for the MPP-JD dual degree program after that time must apply for and be granted a waiver by both FCSL and JU PPI. The dual degree program is not available to those students who have already earned a JD or MPP degree.

The actual grades earned in the 12 credits taken at FCSL towards the MPP degree will not be factored into the student's JU PPI grade point average. As long as the student earns the grade of "C" or better in the JD courses, these transfer courses and credits will be noted on the student's JU PPI transcript with the grade of "Transfer." The reverse is true for the 12 credits earned at JU PPI towards the JD degree. The actual grades earned in the 12 credits taken at the JU PPI towards the JD degree will not be factored in the student's FCSL grade point average. As long as the student earns the grade of "C" or better in the PPI courses, these transfer courses and credits will be noted on the student's FCSL transcript with the notation "T" plus the grade earned in the at courses at JU PPI, e.g. TB+ or TA-.

Students will be required to complete the requirements to earn the JD degree no later than six years of enrollment at FCSL. All MPP courses must be completed in six years after starting the JU MPP courses.

The policies of each school govern when the student is taking courses at that institution. Additionally, students will pay tuition to FCSL for the credits taken at the law school  to earn the JD degree, and the students will pay JU for the MPP courses.


Students attending JU PPI in year one will have the following course of study:

First Year: 24 MPP credits 

Code​ Course Credit​
PPOL 501​ Microeconomics for Public Policy​ 3​
​PPOL 502 Public Finance​ 3​
​PPOL 511 Public Institutions, Process and Public Policy​ 3​
​PPOL 512 Ethics and Public Policy​ 3​
​PPOL 513 Law and Public Policy​ 3​
​PPOL 521 Statistics and Research Methods in Public Policy​ 3​
​PPOL 530/DSIM 530  Analytical Methods for Decision-Making​ 2​
​  or PPOL 531 Quantitative Methods and Analysis​
​PPOL 550/MGT 550 Leading Organizations​ 2​
PPOL 590​ JU PPI Internship​ 2​


Second Year: 30 JD credits 

Third Year: 24 JD credits and 6 MPP credits 

Code​ Course Credit​
PPOL 541​ Public Policy Analysis​ 3​
PPOL 610/MGT 610​ Strategic Human Resource Management​ 3​
  or PPOL 611/MGT 620​ Responsible Leadership​
​  or PPOL 612/MGT 630 Teamwork and Organizational Change​


Fourth year: 24 JD credits and 6 MPP credits  

Code​ Course Credit​
PPOL 695​ Capstone Project: Client Policy Project I​ 3​
   and PPOL 610 Capstone Project: Client Policy Project II​ 3​
PPOL 697​ Capstone Project: Policy Research Project I​ 3​
​   and PPOL 698 Capstone Project: Policy Research Project II​ 3​