A Pass/Fail option, with grading restricted to a grade of “Pass” or “Fail,” is available to degree-seeking undergraduates who have earned at least 28 credit hours and who are not subject to any type of probation. The option is not available to graduate students. It is designed to encourage students to explore subjects outside their major areas and acquire a broader, better-rounded education.

Basic regulations of the Pass/Fail option include:

  • Pass/Fail options may be taken only in courses outside the student’s major and minor fields and do not fulfill departmental major or minor requirements.
  • Any course taken on a Pass/Fail basis cannot be used to satisfy any of the core requirements for any degree.
  • Pass/Fail options must be submitted on the Pass/Fail Audit Form provided by the Registrar’s Office and may not be changed to the regular letter grade system after the final day for changing schedules (drop/add period). Students may not change from a letter grade system to pass/fail option after the final day of the drop/add period.
  • Pass/Fail options cannot be used to correct any type of academic deficiency or to earn hours by repeating a failed course.
  • Qualified students may take a maximum of 12 credit hours on a Pass/Fail basis. Full- time students may take a maximum of four credit hours of Pass/Fail options per semester. If students take at least eight credit hours in a summer term, they may take a maximum of four credit hours of Pass/Fail options in the term. Part-time students may take four credit hours of Pass/Fail options every 12 credit hours of courses.
  • The Pass/Fail option is intended to apply as broadly as possible throughout the University’s curriculum, with the exception of core curriculum and major requirements. Divisions may, with the approval of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, exclude individual courses from the option.
  • The following courses may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis:
    • English: ENGL 103 and ENGL 203
    • Any course used to fulfill core curriculum requirements
    • Courses required by the major or minor
    • Honors courses
    • Independent study courses
  • A “P” is earned for “D-” quality work or better; the credit hours are counted in hours earned toward a degree, but the GPA is unaffected. An “F” has the value of a regular “F,” and the GPA is appropriately affected.
  • Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis may not be acceptable as transfer credits at another university.

See Grade Appeal Process in this catalog for more information.​