JU enforces a policy of standards of academic progress. The quality of work completed must meet the minimum standards published in this Catalog, or the student will be placed on probation, suspended, or dismissed. To graduate from JU, an undergraduate student is required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0; a graduate student is required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The University reviews the academic progress of students each term and informs those not making satisfactory progress so that appropriate corrective actions may be taken.  Term is defined as any grading period, whether Traditional 15 week, Accelerated 8-week, or Summer 6-Week.

The following academic policies apply to undergraduate students. Graduate students may refer to the appropriate graduate degree program section of the Catalog. Academic actions are based on attempted or earned credits (whichever is greater) and on the cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

  • Freshmen and transfer students will not be suspended after their first term.
  • Students who are on suspension or who have been dismissed are not considered to be in good academic standing.
  • Students who are on probation or continued probation may take no more than 15 credits during a fall or spring traditional term and no more than three credits during an accelerated term.
  • Classes taken at another school during the term(s) of suspension will not be evaluated for transfer credit at JU. Classes taken at another school, after the suspension has expired, will be evaluated for transfer credit when the student is readmitted.  
  • A student who is on continued probation for two consecutive terms will be suspended for one traditional term or two accelerated terms.
  • If a student is suspended a second time, the suspension will be for two traditional terms or four accelerated terms.
  • A student suspended a third time will be dismissed.
  • A student being readmitted after suspension must:
  • Meet with an advisor from the Advising Center, if they are a Traditional Undergraduate.
  • Meet with their advisor if in the Accelerated Degree program or Cohort RN-BSN.
  • Contact their Advisor if in the On-Line Program.
  • A student may file a written appeal of their suspension with the Registrar's Office, within two weeks of the date of the Suspension notice. The appeal will be reviewed by a Committee composed of the Academic Dean of their College/School, Director of the Advising Center, and the Registrar or their representatives. The Committee will meet within a week of the Appeal deadline.


  Grade Point Range Academic Action
  0-28 Credits (freshmen)  
  CGPA of at least 1.5, but less than 1.75  Probation or Continued Probation

  CGPA less than 1.5 

Suspension, one semester

  29-57 Credits (sophomores)  
  CGPA of at least 1.8, but less than 2.0  Probation or Continued Probation

  CGPA less than 1.8 

Suspension, one semester

  58-89 Credits (juniors)
  CGPA of at least 1.9, but less than 2.0  Probation or Continued Probation
  CGPA less than 1.9 

Suspension, one semester

  90 or more Credits (seniors)  
  CGPA of less than 2.0  Suspension, one semester​