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This undergraduate program was designed for full-time working adults. Previous college credits are not required for admission consideration. Students should contact the Adult and Graduate Admissions Office for information concerning program specifics and enrollment procedures. 

Admissions requirements include:

  • A completed Accelerated Degree Program application form.
  • Submission of transcripts as follows:
    • For applicants with no previous college credits, submission of an official high school transcript or official GED certificate is required.
    • For applicants with previous college credits, submission of official transcripts from each of the institutions you attended are required. For candidates with less than 24 credit hours, you will also need to submit an official high school transcript.
  • All applications and transcripts must be on file in the Adult and Graduate Admissions Office prior to initial registration.

Transfer of Credits - Transfer credits may be considered as follows:

  • A maximum of 60 credits hours may be granted for credits earned from a regionally accredited two-year institution with grades of "C" or better. If an Associate of Arts degree was earned from a community college in the state of Florida, the student will be awarded a maximum of 60 credits hours and some of those 60 credits may include courses with grades below "C" if the specific course credits were earned as part of the AA degree. Additionally, the core curriculum for Jacksonville University will be satisfied with evidence of the AA degree.
  • A maximum of 90 credits may be granted for credits earned from a regionally accredited four-year institutions with grades of "C" or better.

Alternative Credits - Credit for the following must be awarded before taking the final 30 credit hours at Jacksonville University:

  • Credit may be awarded by taking the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, credit by examination (where available), and DANTES testing.

  • Credit may also be awarded for military-sponsored courses. Please refer to the section on Alternative Credits for more information. 

Admission to Candidacy - Once a student has been accepted to the ADP, the admissions counselor will provide the initial advising of the degree program requirements and registration.

All applications materials should be mailed to:

  • Adult and Graduate Admissions
    Jacksonville University
    Howard Building - 2nd Floor
    2800 University Boulevard North
    Jacksonville, Florida 32211-3394

Veterans Application - Jacksonville University welcomes applications from veterans to the Accelerated Degree Program. The ADP fully qualifies for the financial benefits available to veterans or their dependents.

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