The courses in this major are designed to provide students with an understanding of professional practices and techniques applied in the major areas of marketing management.

The marketing major is intended to prepare students for entry-level positions in advertising, brand management, marketing research, retail management, and professional sales. Through careful planning, a student who elects a major in marketing may add a second major from a complementary area such as economics, management, psychology or other fields of interest.



Students majoring in marketing must complete the University Core and Davis College of Business Core Curriculum requirements. In addition, they must take the following courses: 

Code Course Credit
MKG 331 Advertising Management  3
MKG 333 Sales and Customer Relationship Management 3
MKG 438 Marketing Strategy 3
MKG xxx​ Two (2) additional courses chosen from:​ 6​
​MKG 334, 336, 341 and 435
XX xxx​ One (1) 3-credit hour business elective course numbered  3​
300 or above from outside the Davis College of Business
core and major requirements​
                                                                                                   Total:​ 18​




A minor in marketing requires that the student take MKG 301: Principles of Marketing plus nine (9) credit hours of additional marketing courses chosen with the written approval of a marketing faculty member.  

Code Course Credit
MKG 301 Principles of Marketing 3
                                                                                            Subtotal: 3


Choose three (3) three-credit courses from the marketing courses below:

 Code Course  Credit 
 MKG 331 Advertising Management
 MKG 333 ​ Sales and Customer Relationship Management​
 MKG 334 Retail Management
 MKG 336 Consumer Behavior
 MKG/INB 341 International Marketing
 MKG 435 Marketing Research Methods
 MKG 438 Marketing Strategy
                          Subtotal:  9
  Total: 12 


MARKETING MINOR Important Notes: 

  • Students in the Davis College of Business majoring in other areas may apply MKG 438 against the requirements of a marketing minor.
  • A course taken as part of a major cannot also be used to satisfy the requirements of a minor.​