The courses in this major are designed to provide the student with an understanding of the application of management concepts from the basic principles to the development of the organizational objectives and the strategies necessary to achieve these objectives. The critical skills of working with people, the effective behavior of people in organizations, the development of management information systems, the efficient operation of an organization – all from the systems viewpoint – are stressed in this area.



Students majoring in management must complete the University Core and the Davis College of Business Core Curriculum requirements.  In addition they must take the following courses:

Code Course Credit
MGT 301 Principles of Management 3
MGT 326 Business, Ethics and Government 3
MGT 360 The Management of Human Resources 3
MGT 408 Organizational Design and Change Management 3
MGT 412 Executive Communication Techniques 3
XX xxx​ One (1) 3-credit hour business elective course 3​
numbered 300 or above from outside the Davis​
College of business core and major requirements​
                                                                           Subtotal:​ 18​



A minor in management requires that the student take MGT 310: Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills and nine (9) credit hours of additional management courses chosen with the written approval of a management faculty member.


Code Course Credit
MGT 310 Organizational Behavior & Leadership Skills 3
                                                                         Subtotal: 3

Choose three (3) three-credit hour courses from the management courses below:

Code Course Credit
MGT 301 Principles of Management
MGT 320 Leadership
MGT 326 Business, Ethics and Government
MGT 360 The Management of Human Resources
DSIM 370 Management of Information Technology
MGT 408​ Organizational Design and Change Management​
MGT 412​ Executive Communication Techniques​
DSIM 350 Project and Operations Management
Subtotal:​  9
Total: 12


MANAGEMENT MINOR Important Notes: 

  • Students in the Davis College of Business majoring in other areas may apply MGT 310 and DSIM 350 against the requirements of a business management minor.
  • A course taken as part of a major cannot also be used to satisfy the requirements of a minor.​