JU 101. The Dolphin Experience (1)
Two hours per week. Freshman only. Students assess and develop the personal and interpersonal dynamics and intellectual and social skills necessary to succeed in college. Time management, study skills, goal clarification, career concerns, university social issues and college resources will serve as the major areas of focus.

JU 168H. Honors Colloquium (1; F, S)
One hour per week. Prerequisite: Admission to the University Honors Program. The Honors Colloquium is designed to take advantage of the many scholarly and cultural activities on campus and in northeast Florida. Students will attend diverse functions and under the direction of the instructor will join together to present oral and written evaluations of the events attended in the context of identifying and clarifying their personal and cultural values.

JU 201. Leadership Development (var. 1-3)
Prerequisite: Junior or senior status or permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit. A study of leadership styles and their relationship to member and group dynamics. Attention will be given to individual self-analysis and peer feedback. Leadership theory and practice will be addressed in relation to historical reference and modern theorists.

JU 203. Career & Professional Development (1)
Graded Pass/Fail. This course is designed to help students make informed career choices and design effective transitions from college to the world of work. The course will assist students in the identification of interests, skills and work-related strengths. Students will conduct research on careers and employment outlook and will interview with working professionals. Students will develop resumes and cover letters and receive training for job interviews, career management, and job search techniques.

JU 268. Special Topics in Women’s Studies (var. 1-3)
One to three hours per week. Course may be repeated for credit so long as the content is different. A study of selected topics in the field of women’s studies.